Top Ten James Bond flicks.

1.  Skyfall.

2. Quantum of Solace.

3. Casino Royale.

That’s it. Everything else sucks and is a cartoon by comparison. Daniel Craig is the best Bond there ever was.

That is all.

15 thoughts on “Top Ten James Bond flicks.”

  1. Absolutely. Daniel Craig’s movies ARE Bond. In comparison, the other Bond movies are worse than cartoons and I can’t stand to watch them.

  2. Any movie where they explode a DB5 (even a fiberglass replica) is disqualified for Felonious auto abuse. Am guessing you have not read the original Ian Fleming novels. Fleming passed in the mid 60s as I recall and would say the 1st three movies ,Dr No , From Russia with Love , and Goldfinger are the closest to the character Fleming envisioned. Connrery, Simply THE BEST.

  3. I didn’t like Skyfall all that much. I just found the whole plot of Silva’s to be too farfetched and poorly thought out. He went through a huge amount of effort putting everything in place, and his ultimate move was to go into the hearing room and try and kill M with an handgun? He couldn’t even be bothered to bring a rifle with him? That’s just stupid.

    1. I like some of the older Bond films. Also sadly Skyfall started out great then tanked the plot was just too unfeasible.

  4. Four words for you: From Russia With Love. Doesn’t have Craig, and it is a product of the 60s, but there’s nothing cartoonish about it. I posit that FRWL is superior to Skyfall.

    And Quatum of Solace sucked. Casino Royal was much better than Quantum.

  5. Casino Royale, much better than QoS. I agree that Daniel Craig is one of the best Bonds ever. But, look at Timothy Dalton, he was a darker Bond than had ever been. No one was ready for that at the time, very underrated.

    1. Very true. He was underrated. In an interview, he stated that he wanted to take 007 in the direction that it’s in now, but the producers thought it wouldn’t sell well in the 1980’s.
      I think nearly all the Bonds have had at least one good movie in them, Connery had ‘From Russia with Love”. Moore had “For your Eyes Only”. Dalton had “The Living Daylights” and Brosnan had “Golden Eye” all very well done Bond movies and worth a second look. Of course Craig has 2, “Skyfall” and “Casino Royale”
      I left out Lazenby because he only made the one movie…The movie wasn’t great but I thought he did a good job and would have grown into the role well, I think.

      1. Skyfall
      2. Casino Royale
      3. From Russia with Love
      4. Golden Eye
      5. For Your Eyes Only
      6. The Living Daylights

  6. All true. But I grew up with Roger Moore in the 70’s so that was my frame of reference as a kid. Jaws was awesome and this was the only movie where you could catch a sneak peek of some naked women with your parents sitting next to you. Watching them now would be painful. Like when Superman came out, I forced my kids to watch the original with Christopher Reeve. After about 4 hours I was like, This Blows!

  7. I agree, reading the books is necessary to understand the original bond movies, and how different the later movies portrayed the characters and plots. The first 3-4 movies were closest to the writing, sometimes too close. It’s a case of how sometimes books don’t translate well to film. But Connery was about how you imagine bond, and Moore was a parody of it. I can’t really comment on the other actors and their movies as I didn’t really watch them until Craig. As far as Skyfall, QoS, Casino Royale, they are the best simply because they are more grounded in reality and leave out the ridiculous gadgets and ludicrous stunts. Not to mention the comic book villains.

    But the books are awesome reads, even 50 years later.

  8. Well, the acting may be better now. The screenplays better. Craig better. But those older Bond flicks, especially those with Connery . . . had some of the most beautiful women to ever grace the screen in skimpy but still PG rated attire. There is something to be said about the eye candy value of the early movies.

  9. The original Bond was a product of the cold war. In that context, there can only be one Bond, Sean Connery. I always felt that Dr. No was a warm-up act for the franchise. The best Bond movies were the next three, FRWL, Goldfinger and Thunderball. FRWL followed the book very closely, while Goldfinger was the only movie of the Connery series that was actually better than the book and the Thunderball book was based on the movie script.

    The rest of the Connery movies were pretty lame and all of the other 20th century Bond movies were a load of crap. However, Craig has totally revitalized the franchise and Casino Royale has been the best so far this century.

    Is Craig better than Connery? It’s apples and oranges, Connery’s Bond was smooth and sophisticated. Craig’s is a thug covered with the thinnest veneer of civilization. This new Bond is a result of the Bourne trilogy’s success. The old Bond was laughable compared to Bourne. No one would believe that Roger Moore’s Bond would stand a chance against Jason Bourne. So it was up to Craig to out-Bourne Matt Damon and make us believe in James Bond once again. In that he has succeeded.

  10. you are just not old enough to appreciate how cool the earlier movies were when we first saw them. And BTW ogre-san, James Bond does NOT whine or mewl when he gets punishment. Sometimes realism is for pussies.

    1. I grew up on the James Bond cartoons, son. I enjoyed them at the time. I also watched Tom and Jerry cartoons and Popeye cartoons… which were often more realistic.

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