HSP / G-Code D3 Carrier

Something wicked this way comes.



Buy it from the most innovative and most copied holster company, G-Code.  What is it?It’s a Leg Rig. Chest Rig, Thigh Rig, Molle Rig… Whatever you need it to be it that day.  And change it the next.  No one has anything like this on the market.  But watch how they are all going to scramble to ape it.

7 thoughts on “HSP / G-Code D3 Carrier”

    1. Tacos are a snack… Time to play Hard Ball!

      In all seriousness, the HSGI Tacos are good stuff. PITA to work with thanks to those MALICE clips for the Molle… But you put the RTI adapters on them and they are golden.
      This system here does something Nylon doesn’t do. Easy modularity and configurabilty with a compact and lightweight package. Belt rig, chest rig, leg rig, Plate carrier or IWB… Whatever you need. Can’t do that with the Costa Leg Rig.

  1. No to the AR15, I have an assortment of .22 rifles, a SKS and a Vaquero .45LC Revolver. Kicking it old school.

    God willing and if the creek don’t rise, my tax refund will be going towards a Glock 19.

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