Why not just use MARPAT?

Interesting article here called “Why not just use MARPAT?”   I have always prefered MARPAT over other issued service camp patterns.  Right off the bat I recognized as doing what Camo is supposed to do.  Camouflage is supposed to help hide you.  Not make you look cool in the gun store.  And that’s what MARPAT does.  It’s Camo.  Not just a cool pattern.


8 thoughts on “Why not just use MARPAT?”

  1. And in this mythical land without tribalism they get issued ka-bars and can carry their own personal siderams…

  2. Check out A-Tac camo one of the most usable patterns in almost any location. I sold cammies for almost twenty years , if I had to chose one pattern I am thinking that this would be it . I would appricate your input. J G

    1. Yes, it’s a great pattern. But difficult to find it and expensive to license it. Again, like MARPAT, show me the gear in it. I know Remington has a number of guns with it… but they own it.

  3. Excellent article with a lot of great points that aren’t immediately obvious (well, unless you’re wearing NVGs…). Night operations and IR devices being as prevalent as they are this is extremely important stuff. Seems to me it’s a lot more about dye technology than patterns. We can mix up stuff that will reflect/absorb nearly every other combinations of colors, why not in those wavelengths? Either that or switch from nylon to a material with better structural absorption in that range. Maybe I’m missing something but it doesn’t seem that difficult.

  4. I agree. Maybe I’m partial because I’m in the Corps…

    I have found both MARPAT patterns to be extremely effective with the Desert pattern being the better of the two overall. Even in heavily wooded areas, Marines wearing Desert MARPAT lying in the prone or snuggling up against trees were extremely difficult to see. As the year moved on and the foliage in Quantico thinned out and turned brown, the Desert pattern became even more effective. If I was deployed to a heavily vegitated area, I would want my Woodland MARPAT but if I was ever forced to use “just one” pattern, it would be Desert MARPAT in a heartbeat.

  5. How close is that Coyote solid color vest to the UK WWI Khaki Uniform?
    Who wore green fatigues, starched…

  6. Why not? Because then it’d be somewhat harder for the Marines to look better than everyone else.

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