Remember that old Daewoo Pistol?


Some time ago, Daewoo was importing a great little pistol into the US.  Then for whatever reason, it was abandoned.  Leaving all Daewoo pistols in the US orphaned.

I remember shooting one once and was very impressed.  It was a great handgun.  I liked it.  The owner smiled and said I couldn’t buy it.  I had offered him the 500 cash I had on hand, but he wouldn’t sell.  At the time, I really wanted one myself.  I believe I was living in Hanover County Virginia at the time.  And that was a long time ago.  Long after Daewoo stopped sending those guns to US Dealers.

Well, I have rediscovered these guns.  They are now Lionhart Industries pistols.  Here at work we have a couple in our vault and I’ve checked them out.  They are ever better than I remembered them to be.  And for some reason smaller and lighter than I remembered, but essentially they are that neat little Daewoo that I wanted so many years ago.

Check them out here… 


14 thoughts on “Remember that old Daewoo Pistol?”

  1. I’ve got a Daewoo DH40 that’s still in my carry rotation. It’s a bit like a combination of a Sig and 3rd gen S&W, with the build quality of a Beretta. Very elegant, and very smooth. Not bad for a pistol that I bought new for $280 in 2002.

    If the G-Code holsters for the Lionheart will work with my pistol, I’ll order one today.

    1. I have one I bought new in late 80’s early 90s. A better firearm has never been built. Haven’t carried it much because it’s a little large for concealing, but would like to nice leather holster that fits it . Does anybody have information on what Lionheart is marketing for Daewoo DH40 owners

  2. Do the mags interchange between the two generations? Getting another mag for the original pistol was always the main problem with them for me. None to be found after they stopped importing them. Kind of like finding 14 round mags for a Kimber Ten II….best of luck with that.

  3. Well good. Support, parts and mags brought down (none to be had!) the Daewoo pistol last time around and made it an oddity rather than a front line carry pistol. Hope it better this time….

  4. Picked up the Lionheart LH9CN a few days ago. Novak tritium big dot front. This gun is practical and elegant. One of those purchases where you feel better about every time you pick it up, shoot, carry or look at it.

  5. I have a Daewoo DH40, Bought by my grandfather back in the late 80’s. I got it from him after he passed, and I have carried it a little, been to the range a few times with it, and it is a great shooting gun. I am making some room in the gun safe and I want to sell it. What would be a good price to get for it? I was thinking $300 to $350 would be a fair price, what do you think?

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