Can’t watch Top Gear anymore


See what I mean?  Jeremy Clarkson is the Mouth of Sauron.  He’s always had bad teeth, but in seasons 17 and worse, 18, they are so bad that they are distracting and horrifying.   You would think that a man making as much money as he is, could afford to know what a dentist is.

He is the most Tactical Man in the World.  He’s Teeth are Disruptive Multicam Flat Dark Earth.


8 thoughts on “Can’t watch Top Gear anymore”

  1. When one of my Daughters was at West Point, during Beast, she was highly motivated,and camosticked her teeth. Beat Navy! BBC Top Gear is still great

  2. The BBC version of the show is leaps ahead of the American version on the History Channel.

  3. Those aren’t teeth they’re Peanutbutter Capt’n Crunch nuggets glued to his gums.

  4. Hey, those are the teeth that won the British Empire! Tremble in fear, colonials.
    Seriously, above average teeth by UK standards.

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