Both the gun bills at the Utah State Capitol have been defeated.
Utah has decided not to back up its own Sheriffs. And even though the Constitutional Carry Bill flew threw the House and Senate, the Governor decided to Veto it. And its not looking like they are going to bother trying to override the veto, even though the bill had more than enough support.
I’m disappointed and saddened by Utah.
Utah does not know how to look ahead.  Utah can not see the possibilities of the future and prepare for it.  I’m at the point now with Utah, that I really could just leave it.  Not just for these issues, but for a great many others that I’ve not mentioned before here on this site.
If I had a good job offer some place else, I could probably just move out of this sad sack state.
Better yet, if the Uintah Basin could become its own State, that would be great.

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  1. Sometimes it seems as if policiticians who seem to be with the community on issues cave as soon as they can honestly say “Well, I tried”. Staying power is hard to find.

  2. I moved from Seattle to Southern Indiana and may have a chance to relocate again. Utah is/was on my short list. What are the disadvantages that have you so frustrated?

    My only reservation is that I am not a Mormon, I’m an atheist, but I’ve always found Mormons to be pleasant and generally agreeable people. I just don’t want to have any religious opinions legally imposed on me… actually I don’t want any kind of opinion legally imposed on me, but that’ll have to wait for the private island money to come through.

    Where would you move if you could go anywhere?

  3. Boy, do I understand. I’m in Colorado. We’re seriously considering leaving this sorry-ass state. The one bright spot is that a lawsuit is going to be filed against the laws that were just passed. David Kopel is the lead attorney.

    We all need to remember and vote accordingly in 2014.

    1. Yup. I just applied for a job back home(AZ). It’s sad because while I like it here in CO, I’d rather not stick around and watch it become CA.

  4. Also in Colorado…as disappointing as it is George, Utah is a pretty good state from where I am sitting.

  5. More and more, I’m seeing gun control as a symptom of the increasing division between urban and rural mentality. As the balance between the urban and rural populations shifts to favor the urban populations in states the more anti-gun (and personal freedom) they become. This has happened in Colorado and is happening in states like Utah and Texas. I am truly dreading the future because the areas of our nation that have provided the greatest strength for our nation are rapidly depopulating.
    I was hoping the internet and telecommuting would reverse this trend. But, it does not appear to be happening.

  6. It seems that no place is “safe” anymore as states that used to be very gun friendly are adopting, or at least trying to push progressive gun legislation. I have also been noticing much more “gun violence” coverage in on-line media sources as it to make it appear that shootings have all of a sudden got more frequent. It’s a shame because I too have been losing hope to retire to a state that I could truly feel comfortable and safe when it comes to my God given American rights. I still have Alaska on my radar, but Bonnie still hasn’t warmed up one bit to that thought.

    1. Alaska’s decent for gun rights in most regards, but otherwise it is pretty socialist up here. It’s a forced unionism state, and even when the repubs have had veto-proof majorities, nobody has been willing to take on big labor. There’s very little private land available for purchase, and if you do own land, you can never get the mineral rights to it because the state stole them all at statehood.

  7. Oregon is still pretty good. Open carry, automatic knives, shall-issue, NFA items, no waiting periods. Yeah, the chance of constitution carry being adopted is next to nothing but we make good beer. Maybe Thunder Ranch is hiring.

      1. Not hard enough. That bill got shot down right quick and nobody took it seriously. Most of it was literally copy-pasted from Feinstein’s bill and even its own backers knew it wouldn’t go anywhere. Unfortunately we don’t honor any other states CCW permits and there’s a 10 dollar fee for every background check (that has to go through the state police), both of which are B.S., but even given that we still have better gun laws than some other states that are widely regarded as being pro-gun, like Texas.

        Though throughout our history we’ve had to deal with a large influx of Californians so we could use some more folks like you to even things out.

        1. I’ve never understood why Texas is regarded as being pro-gun. Texas has horrifically-bad gun laws.

  8. Sounds like you need to replace your governor and some of your legislators more than you need to replace your state. Back in the 90s Alaska had a democrat governor that vetoed some of the improvements the then-CCW law needed, so we got some new legislators who went even further the next time, and over-rode his vetoes. And we haven’t had a democrat governor since him, either. Last year stand your ground was killed here in the state senate… Once again, we got some new senators and it will probably go through this year. At no time did I consider leaving Alaska over any of it.

    Besides, the bill in question was seriously borked. It was modified so that you weren’t allowed to have a round in the chamber if CCW without a permit…. Change your lawmakers, and pass a clean bill into law next time, instead of something that you may never be able to fix, and that might get somebody killed for trying to obey it. If an empty chamber is dangerously stupid, making it the law is worse.

      1. I understand. I’ve lived in Utah since 1998. If it was not for my children, we would move. Great place to raise kids but there are issues here. In another post you mention apathy. That is many people here. Mediocrity rules due to the cultural influence. A little too nice (cannot deal with confrontation/honesty). And too much California image influence. Everything has to be perfect all the time. But

          1. ..and you’re both fooling yourselves if you think your current or future state is. Being content in your environment is a state of mind. There is no perfect State to live in because there are people in every one of them.

  9. I’m also disappointed about the recent veto and believe you when you say there are other grievances you have with Utah. I read something recently that struck me. How we feel is not solely determined by events/circumstances themselves, but also by the mindsets through which we view those events.

    It’s like the difference between a poor person born here who feels helpless and a poor immigrant that sees opportunity. I know that summoning a positive mindset is easier said than done sometimes and I’ve had my own moments of doubt and cynicism. Even so I am determined to continue striving to do good to myself and towards those around me. Even though you didn’t get constitutional carry this time, you guys came very close and will keep pushing for it until you win.

  10. You would like to leave Utah? Think how I feel living in new jersey or new Germany !
    Takes at least 3 months just to get permission to buy a gun. If I did not have grandkids I’d be living in Arizona or Nevada or new Mexico. Arghhhhhhhhhhh

    1. If I was to ever go West again, it would be to…
      No, I don’t see myself going back west. Maybe AZ. Because I just can’t do Winter again.

    1. Yes we would! I’m currently scoping jobs for him. It would be very beneficial to me to have the Ogre clan close. I could learn a lot from Mrs. Ogre.

        1. I’m not planning on moving any time so soon, but one day I might. Next hope could be South Carolina. Or Florida. Or to another Country if Obama gets a 3rd Term.

  11. It is a pretty simple plan. First, consolidate the urban areas by pandering to the rich liberals, and the “poor”. Tax the middle as much as possible and pass as many laws obstructing the lives of your opponents as possible. Drive them out, even if it means impoverishing the rest – encourage dependency on the state.
    Once they have the cities locked up, the sparsely populated rural areas have no electoral weight and have to fall into line as the peasant-serfs of the New Lords in the cities. Look up “the Curley effect”. Mayor Curley of Boston used this plan to great success. It is the same plan used in most third world hellholes- it is the same plan being enacted nationally right now-when the un-employed get the goods from the state, they will vote to continue the flow.
    See, the elites don’t care if they rule over an economic wasteland, as long as they have the controls- even in the shittiest most degraded crap-pile of a country, the elites live in vast luxury.
    What we are seeing is the return to the historical norm- the rich Lords, and the peasants, with an group of mid level functionaries and a national domestic army to keep everyone in line.
    The only thing they worry about is that the peasants might someday revolt, because the money to bribe them will run out. That is why the push for “gun control”.

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