Pending Legislation in Utah

There are two key Bills pending with the Utah State Legislation right now.  Specifically HB114, and HB 76.

The first is the Second Amendment Preservation Act.
This bill declares that the regulation of firearms is reserved completely to the state and provides penalties for the prosecution of anyone attempting to enforce federal laws to the contrary.

What that means is Utah can stop and could prosecute any Federal Agent attempting to enforce an unconstitutional Federal Law.  This gives serious teeth to the letter the Utah Sheriff’s Association sent to Obama.   Basically the State is backing up it’s Sheriffs.  This is a very good thing.

The second is Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments.
This bill would give Utah “Constitutional Carry”.  Also known as Vermont Carry.  This means quite simply, if you are legal to have a gun, you can carry it concealed if you are over 21.  No Concealed Carry Permit required in the State of Utah.  Looking the bill over, you would of course still need a Permit if you cross State Lines.
What I’d like to see here is a line that says something to the effect that Utah would honor other Constitutional Carry States Citizens rights, if that state honors ours.  For Example if you are from AZ, you could come to UT and carry concealed if UT residents could do the same in AZ.  A Constitutional Handshake if you will.

What’s amazing about HB76 though is that it’s sponsored by John Mathis.  The guy I ran against for public office and destroyed in the debate in Moab.  (Not my opinion, that’s what I was told after the event by several residence of Moab)  John has been just about completely useless up until this point.  But him sponsoring this bill… I’m impressed.    Honestly, I’m shocked.  I was planning on running against him in the Republican Primaries next time… but really, if this passes, I wont have to.
Now, if he will just remove the law about it being illegal to fish from horseback…

18 thoughts on “Pending Legislation in Utah”

  1. Awesome. Wish I could import some of that sanity to Cali. I console myself somewhat with the knowledge that I am, at least, in a gun friendly county a long way from liberaltopia. But still, would be nice.

  2. I really need to convince my gal to relocated to Utah…

    We could totally hang out! 😛

    Indiana isn’t bad but after Seattle it’s a bit dull.

    Utah sounds pretty sweet, especially now.

  3. Right. Because we all know that fishing from horseback gives an unfair advantage.

    How do some of these stupid laws even get thought up, let alone passed?

  4. Utah Texas Montana Wyoming are looking good as states to retire to (even though I don’t plan on stopping work)

      1. I have FedEx’ed my side iron up and down a few of times, as machine parts. A manually aligned reciprocating linear piston accelerator, hand held. I have without fail found it waiting at a friends house after the drive.

      2. Can’t do much about that until after secession. Once the conquest of BC and the Yukon are complete, all visitors from what’s left of the US can bring whatever weapons they want. In the meantime, you can ship them up as Mark suggested, or check them in your baggage when you fly.

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