Magpul Leaving Colorado?

Colorado passed a very strict Anti-Gun measure today.  It bans ammunition magazines above 15 rounds capacity.   It also bans the manufacturing of higher capacity magazines.

Because 15 rounds is a reasonable number.

This is where MagPul comes in, as everyone knows, MagPul makes one of the very best magazines for AR-15 rifles.  Some say the best.  I have several and yes, they are indeed very good magazines.  But now Colorado has basically said they can’t make them anymore.  MagPul’s only options are to either A, comply with the law, or B, leave the state.

MagPul has said that if this law passes, they would be forced to leave Colorado.   And since it did pass, I think it’s time get to moving.  I think as Industry Leaders, MagPul has to.   A solid message has to be sent to these Anti-Gun states.  You can not be Anti-Gun, and yet enjoy the wealth that resident Gun Companies provide.  MagPul gives a huge amount of money to the State of Colorado.  Through Taxes directly, and through the Taxes paid by MagPul’s Employees via State Income or Sales Taxes.  These Employees also cycle the businesses of others… because they need food, drink, shelter, entertainment, and everything else that people spend their money on.    And Colorado as basically said “We don’t want you, but we don’t want to lose your Money.”  That’s nice.

I’d like to see MagPul pull up their stakes and head out.  Utah would be a great place to go, but I believe Texas has been mentioned.  Doesn’t matter.  Just go.  Show Colorado that their stupid legislation as cost them and the MagPul’s community a great loss.  I’d like to see all of MagPul’s employees move too.  I know this is hard, but it would show the rest of the country what happens when they legislate a company out of business.  This would send a message to the other Anti-Gun States, and Companies effected, such as Remington and Kimber behind enemy lines in New York.

Don’t reward Anti-Gun States with your Money.

This is Voting with your Feet.  Rewards States that value your Rights, and Punish those that want to infringe on your rights.  We need all of our brothers across the industry to look at a Relocation if they are in a State that wants to crush our Liberty.  The Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade industry is almost a 5 Billion Dollar Industry.  That’s a pretty big pull if it could be used wisely and all together.  Thousands of small companies and employees.  Some pretty big companies as well.  Anti-Gun States should not get any slices of this pie.

And what is this 15 round limit supposed to accomplish?  I can reload a Magazine in my AR in about a Second Flat.  Same with any number of my handguns.    Is this limit supposed to slow me down?  Slow down a Crazed Psycho?  How is this supposed to be of any benefit for the people of Colorado?

You know what happens when people are limited on the number of rounds they can have?  They opt for bigger rounds.  If I can’t have 30 rounds of .226, I might as well have 15 rounds of .458 or such.  This is what we saw during the utterly pointless Clintonian AWB… High Capacity 9mm’s were limited to 10 so what did people do?  They went to .45’s and we saw a huge resurgence of popularity for the 1911 pistol. Generally they only hold 8 rounds, but they are 8 rounds of a potent and military proven ordinance.   So instead of limitations the American Gun Owner ramped it up and went with as much power as they could handle.  This is going to happen again.  Trust me.  Go ahead and do an outright ban on AR-15 type rifles.   A rifle that uses ammunition with pictures of Rodents on the box.  And people will opt for rifles such as the Marlin Guide Gun that is fast handling and easy to use… and fires a round that damn near causes the Genocide of America’s Buffalo and can Curb-Stomp damn near everything that lives and breathes, walks and crawls, on this planet.  From Prairie Dogs to African Elephants.  .45-70 is a Monster of a Cartridge.  But that’s okay, because it’s not fed through the rifle by a Box with a Spring in it… Whatever, you Liberal Idiots, you do what you feel you must.  As will we.
Limit me to even one shot.  And I’ll use a rifle that fires projectiles the size of Coke Bottles that could punch through Armor Plate like it was tissue paper.
Here’s the other thing about the AWB.  Their are millions of these high capacity magazines out there.  All a Ban does is make them a little more expensive and you change where I get them from.  Because during the AWB, I still bought, sold, and traded many a High Capacity Gun.  It really didn’t effect me.  And I’m nothing special.
Prohibition didn’t effect people from getting a Drink either.  For all it’s Liberty Crushing Efforts, what turned out from Prohibition was that it became more popular than ever to Drink and it ushered in a new form of Organized Crime into the USA to supply the demand of Booze.  I remember staying at a big house in Northern Illinois some time ago.  Big nice house.  Had a huge – HUGE – ballroom and Bar.  This house was a “Speak Easy” during the Prohibition Era.  So you couldn’t go to the local bar that had to close down, that was almost closing anyways… you came to this house… which was bustling with people enjoying what they were not supposed to be enjoying.  The owners of this house did quite well for themselves.
Much like the Drug Trade is doing now.  Prohibition hasn’t stopped illegal drugs.  In fact, you can now have former illegal Drugs in Colorado, Weed, and you can smoke it all you want.  But you can have a Magazine that holds 16 rounds or more.  How is that working out?  Considering that we now have Drug Cartels warring for control of Mexico and Central America, openly, taking on the Mexican Government head to head.
This is all especially stupid considering that with a cheap 3D printer you can PRINT your own 30 round Magazines.  You can make one as easy as clicking “PRINT”.  Come on.  Use some Common Sense, People.  Gun Laws put people in Danger.  If Gun Laws worked, Chicago would be one of the Safest Places in the World.  Chicago would be a Utopia of Peace.
It isn’t.
Because Gun Laws don’t work.

23 thoughts on “Magpul Leaving Colorado?”

  1. Magpul should also refuse to sell to any LE/gvt agencies in CO effective immediately. Would be nice if all industry companies, including distributors, did the same in CA, NY, IL, CO.

    1. This needs to happen nationwide. Oh, some NY PD wants to order 30 round mags from a free state? TOO BAD! Let their mags grow useless with time. And let the ire of law enforcement in those states fall upon their politicians.

      1. Look up the press release by Olympic Arms to all N.Y. State law enforcement agencies. I got to see it through Gun Talk on FB. If Congress passes mag restrictions, i think companies need to think about not selling regular compacity to Fed cops…

  2. I was offered the opportunity to transfer with my job to Aurora or to Ft. Worth Texas… Guess this makes it easier to decided. I lived in Colorado for a good while and graduated high school there. But ever since the flood of Californians Colorado has turned into a liberal cesspool.

  3. Magpul should market a 10 and a 13 round .458 SOCOM/.50 Beowulf magazine. Oh, you mean they also hold 30 and 40 rounds of 5.56/.223? We had no idea!!!

  4. It passed committee and has yet to be voted on. We have a totally Democrap legislature here and so I fear the worst, but there are several Dems who are a) pro gun and b) afraid of losing their jobs. We need to keep pressure on them.

    And having said all that, I’m looking at homes in Wyoming…

  5. Nebraska will take Magpul in a heart beat.

    We even have a bill pending in the unicameral that will outlaw all enforcement of any Federal AWB or mag limit and the arrest of any fed that attempts it. It even stands a better than even chance to pass. To my knowledge there have been zero bills proposed for any restrictions.

    I’ll even walk them over to the people they would need to talk to in order to get the ball rolling and help them with State aid to find a location, maybe even some tax breaks.

    I know two towns that would give them the property for nothing and free electricity for a few years. Not too many scenic mountains though, but not too many hippy libtards either.

    1. When are you going to start honoring South Dakota CCWs?

      Magpul should move, but to a real pro-gun state, not one that’s just a little bit better–Texas, Utah, one of the Dakotas, etc. They will also enjoy lower (or no) corporate taxes and no personal (state) income tax for their employees. They won’t have to fund as much government, and the government they do fund won’t be working against them.

      1. Hank,

        I’m going to guess the reason Nebraska doesn’t honor South Dakota CCW’s is because Nebraska’s CCW statute requires all Nebraska CCW applicants to go through an “approved” CCW class that includes live fire and South Dakota doesn’t. That was the concession that was agreed to in order to get our CCW passed. Two state senators in particular held it up till that was put in.

        I didn’t agree with that provision until I went to my class, there were two people there that should have been booted from the class for safety reasons.

        You can apply for the Utah permit and it would be honored here. For reciprocity, it reads in our statute that we will only honor those that have equal or more stringent standards.

        Fwiw as for the income tax, there is a bill pending to do away with personal and corporate income tax.

  6. Californication is one of the reasons I’m not real happy about Rick Perry recruiting businesses from California. The Californians and New Yorkers have been irritating but so far it hasn’t been too bad because the natives have been stomping on the more blatant retards who move here and want to make it California II.
    Colorado in the rural areas at least is still pretty conservative, they may do a baseball bat, dead horse in the front yard message to the retards.

  7. As mentioned above, it passed out of commitee. It is not law, not yet at least. If it is passed by the state legislature, the libtard governor would doubtless sign it. We can only hope that if passed, it will be a loser in the courts.

    I’ve been in Colorado nearly 40 years now, and I hate to see what has become of it. “Don’t Californicate Colorado” bumper stickers were popular back in the ’70s, it has since happened.

  8. Plenty of machinists etc. looking for work in Indiana, and we have transport every which way.

  9. I read a few of the articles from the link and the Dems actually did the citizens of CO a favor by raising the limit from 10 to 15…wow thanks for that one and thanks for looking out for the gun owners of your state //sarcasm//. It was also stated in an article that despite prohibiting possession of 30rd magazines, it’s perfectly OK for manufacturers to make them there. Talk about politicians who want their cake and to eat it as well. I hope Magpul moves out on sheer principle weather or not the bill becomes law as the threat of the law should be more than enough to beat feet to another state.

  10. Funny you mention .45-70… I was in the local Sportsman’s last week, and along with the other shortages, there was not a single round of .45-70 ammunition in evidence. I guess people are afraid the gooberment is going to take away their Guide Guns or something. They’re probably just being bearanoid. I got a good chuckle out of the fact that there was plenty of .450 Marlin ammo available.

  11. It moves to the floor today apparently. Being that the legislature has essentially been usurped by Denver, I can’t say I’m all that surprised. Maybe moving back to AZ won’t be as hard as I thought…

    1. Indeed. Other states make headlines by (occasionally) making their gun laws (slightly) better.

      New Hampshire doesn’t get that press, because we don’t have their oppressive gun laws.

      I remember when folks in Texas got all sorts of press because they were offering to out-bid the police who were holding a “gun buy-back,” and everyone saying how great Texas was. Sorry, but we don’t get to do that here, since “gun buy-back” nonsense is prohibited by law. Or, well, they could offer to buy them, but governmental agencies in NH are prohibited from destroying guns, so they’d have to turn around and auction them back to the public. Even guns that were seized in crimes must be sold at public auction.

  12. At the same time they are trying to pass all the new gun bans they are also trying to reduce prison sentences from 10 years to 4 years for some gun violations.

    I like what South Carolina is trying to do. Down there they have a bill that will make every citizen over the age of 17, and not part of the military or guard already, a member of the South Carolina Unorganized Militia. And being a member of the militia entitles you to buy and posses any firearm that was legal on 31 Dec 12. And yes they NEED scary looking rifles because the South Carolina Militia NEEDS to same weapons as the force they will be repelling. I guess they still can’t have full auto though, darn. Too bad we don’t have any representatives in our state with the guts to draft legislation like that.

  13. Looks like the CO House is going to pass all of them. The initial voice vote is in favor of all of them. So magazine ban, universal background checks, making people pay for the useless state background check (that is only needed if the state itself fails to fee info to NICS) and banning concealed carry in public university buildings (the first major curtailment in CCW that I have heard of).

    Bye bye to 800 manufacturing jobs in CO, and the CO Dems are going to get their teeth kicked in during the next election.

    Lets pretend that there is a hunter who could care less about mags or CCW (they are becoming increasingly rare). So two laws dont effect him. But, I should think between now and 2014 he is going to want to buy/sell/trade a few guns. He will notice having to go pay an FFL holder to trade guns with a buddy and then pay additionally for the CBI background check.

    A lovely package of nonsense that will unite the hunter, the tactical shooter and the CCW holder.

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