SIG’s new 224, and something else.

At SHOT Show, I took a look at the new SIG 224.  And I’ll be honest.  I didn’t like it.


It’s standard SIG, the way we prefer our SIG’s.  Alloy frame, DA/SA with a Rebounding Hammer.  Add some night sights, and controls that were tweaked to still be used when made tiny… and you have a real SIG and not… well… not a P250.


After playing around with it… it’s grown on me.  A lot.  The gun is a serious Pinky Dangler, but thanks to the shape, texture, you can still get a solid hold on the pistol.

Which is good, because it’s a .40 cal.  I like that.  And I like the P224.

But it’s not the gun that I want.   I want something different.


This is my Holy SIG Grail.  A P220 Compact SAS.  If you guys want to chip in and by me a birthday present… this is it.  I’ve wanted one of these for 20 years, when I first read of guys spending big bucks chopping down standard P220’s.    And we have one now at the Gun Store I work at.  999.99.  Oh man… And there is nothing I can do about it thanks to the Bride’s new Expedition.

18 thoughts on “SIG’s new 224, and something else.”

  1. I’m digging the P220 Match that Bonnie got me for Christmas…I can totally see why you dig it so much. When you started talking about people modifying P220’s, I thought you would’ve been all over the 10mm conversions some have done over chopping one down.

    I haven’t seen the P224’s yet, but I’m not ready to give up my P250C yet. Yea, I own one.

  2. I wonder how much pistols would cost if they weren’t government regulated and taxed?
    How much of a pistols price goes for the manufacturers and retailers liability insurance?
    With modern manufacturing methods pistols should cost less than they do in my ill informed opinion. Sig Super .40 bottle necked cartridge pistol for less than $500…….and a pony.

  3. This design is 10 years overdue. Cutting a full size (p226) or mid size (p229) down to a sub-compact is something Sig should have done with the rise of concealed carry a decade ago. Before that, it would have made sense when law enforcement agencies were buying up modern semi-autos. Having a backup gun that could use the same mags as your side arm is a good idea, which is one reason Glock is so very popular.

    In 2013, bringing out a short grip, short barrel pistol with a grossly wide and bulky slide, not built on an ultra-light polymer frame, is an obsolete design. 10 or 15 years ago, this gun makes sense. Today, I’d walk right past this $900 bookend for a mini Glock, M&Pc, SR9c, or any other post wide spread CCW designed small handgun.

    Honestly, I don’t know what is up with the decision makers at SIG. It seems as though most of their ideas come out half-baked. Take the P2022 (Sig Pro). I have one. What a (nearly) great gun. Shoots very well. Typical Sig accuracy. Lighter, by far, than the P229, with an ergonomic grip. EXCEPT, that it uses a totally new slide and mag design. You can find P229 most places. Sig pro mags are rare. P229 holsters are widely available, Sig pro holsters don’t exist. The sig pro SHOULD have been a polymer frame P229, or at least close enough to use the same mags and most of the same holsters. Instead, they created a polymer frame “red headed step-child” that has become a safe queen becuse I can’t find a decent leather hoster to carry it around in.

  4. “A Florida television station, WPTV, reported recently that the well-known veterans’ charity, The Wounded Warrior Project, had refused to take a donation of money collected by children at a Baptist school and funds from a planned special church collection.” This from American Thinker magazine on line article today.

    We are talking upwards of 50 grand here. They initially refused the money because it was a religious organization. They have since said they will take it and it was all a mistake by a low level flunky???

    Considering the use of funds between raised and spent on wounded and their disdain for gun owners and manufactures and as a vet I think I will continue to fund the Fisher House.

    I placed this here Og cause my server does not recognize you email address?

  5. When the 224 was announced last year I thought it looked stupid and pointless but finally getting one in my hands changed my mind. I don’t know if I’d trade my P239 for one, but it felt pretty good.

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