Comfort food

I hadn’t had any since I did Patrol work in Virginia.  But late at night, or more accurately, very early in the morning, I’d stop by a place in Richmond for dinner.
Sometimes we’d gather at Vito’s near the University for some zero hour Italian food.  Pizza, Stromboli, whatever was going down it was all good.  But sometimes the night was not a good one.  Sometimes bad things happened that would break your soul and your heart and you would lose your faith in humanity.  At those times… I’d get something different.
Chicken and Waffles.
The combination may sound like an odd one, off the cuff.  But it’s good food.  Good solid grub that can make you feel right enough to go back out and face the world again.  Simple fried chicken, done well, with thick waffles covered in butter and syrup.  You eat them together, or if you like chicken then the waffles.  It doesn’t matter… just get them in your belly.
It was a long time since I had the meal.
The other day my wife and I went to “Winger’s”.  I was told that they offered it, and that’s what I asked for.  It was good.  Filling, as the dish is supposed to be.  Boneless chicken breasts, fried to perfection… juicy inside.
This was some good soul healing food right there.  This was our New Year’s Day dinner… and it was good.  A good way to start off 2013.

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  1. That does sound like an odd combination eaten together. But you never know until you try it. One such combo is Pepsi and milk; equal parts in the same glass. Surprisingly good.

      1. It’s not a joke, it has a name: Brown Cow, although Coke and Milk is what we used to drink. Haven’t had one since a kid.

  2. One of the great, don’t knock it ’till you try it, food combos. We have a restaurant chain out here called “Roscoes House of Chicken and Waffles”. My favorite is the #13: “1 succulent breast, 1 delicious waffle”. Big portions, awesome meal.

    You have good taste, Ogre.

  3. I am Southern. Fried chicken without the bones is long past city slicker, and getting dangerously close to sissified.
    Chicken and waffles started up in Harlem. The people would be coming home from the clubs in the wee hours and want more than breakfast, but less than supper, chicken and waffles was invented.

  4. Comfort food is the best! I must confess I’ve never had chicken and waffles but I’d give it a try! Best wishes a healthy and happy new year to you and yours! God bless

  5. Late night shifts in Richmond would frequently end at Bill’s BBQ on The Boulevard.
    Bill’s closed last year due to the economy.

    1. I remember Bill’s BBQ. Pulled Pork sandwiches with some extra sauce… We had to eat carefully though. Gotta keep the uniform pretty.

  6. Midnight Meal, Howard AFB Panama, Ham cheese onion mushroom omlet, mass serving of hash brown, both buried in sausage gravy topped with lots of tabasco. You can hear you arteries clogging but what a way to go

  7. Back in 1968-9, in Georgetown (at Wisconsin & M St. NW; next door to Riggs Bank) in Washington, DC, there was an ‘after-theater’ eatery called Britt’s Cafeteria. Opened at 10PM and closed at 8AM. They served chicken and waffles. I don’t think I’ve had that since then.
    I’ll have to see if one of the little country diners out here serves it.

  8. Comfort food:
    Biscuits & Sausage Gravy.
    Sausage Mac-n-Cheese.
    Bacon Cheeseburger.

    Fried chicken and waffle? Haven’t tried the combo, but I may have to.

  9. Hey Og, chicken & waffles are yet another item you can grab in SLC. Bay Leaf Cafe. ~150 South Main (east side of the street just a few doors up from Lambs). Fyi, in case you feel the urge when you’re up this way.

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