8 thoughts on “Ruger Gunsite Scout”

  1. The flashhider, wile lacking style, is quite effective. Also, you should have mentioned that Ruger has other mags for the Scout in glass filled nylon in 3, 5, and 10 rounds that have much more contoured edges and are shorter.


    Nice thing is that they’re affordable, at less than $40.

    1. I’m not saying I’m going to get one… But I’m no longer against the idea. With a few mods, the GS would be very workable.

  2. Scout style old school that has been dismissed but I trust mine totaly. Numbers matching 303 British SMLE Jungle Carbine. Fast ultra smoooth bolt, compact 10 round reliable magazine, reloadable quickly with 5 rd stripper clips, great iron sights. It may recoil like a mule but 303 British will still do most jobs. It also was the second rifle I ever fired when my Dad and I first went to the range

  3. I think Col. Cooper’s two main criteria on scout-worthyness were power and handyness. He wrote he liked the Winchester M-94 for it’s ease of handling,and fair punch.

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