Dear Ruger

Hi, its me again.
Look, I know we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things… But I’m trying to like your Gunsight Scout rifle.  Can you do me a little favor? 
Can you make it take FAL or M-14 mags?  Either one.  Thanks.  Yeah, because your proprietary 10 round mag kinda sucks. A lot. 
And while you are at that… Make a semi auto .22 Mag pistol with a crazy high capacity.  Based on your SR9 should be great.


34 thoughts on “Dear Ruger”

  1. Not a PMR-30 fan?

    Of course we all know, FAL & M-14’s use EBR 20-round mags which are a no-no in places like New York. Didn’t somebody named Bill say nobody needs over a 10 round mag?

    1. And as we all know, the people in charge at Ruger are so afraid of civilians with “high capacity” rifle magazines that they’re producing 30 round Mini-14 mags, 25 round 10/22 mags, and an AR-15 designed to accept whatever size magazine the user wants to put in it. Who still gives a shit what Bill said, as if it’s still relevant?

  2. Maybe it’s me, but as long as the magazine is good and reliable, do you really need more than 10 rounds in a bolt-action?

  3. Bill Ruger did not like anyone but the government to have magazines over 5 rounds. He was not our friend.

  4. For hunting you don’t need more than five rounds but for self-defense and shtf situations, being able to have 20 on tap and being able to use fairly common reliable and not real expensive military magazines is a different story. From a prone position an experienced and trained rifleman can generate a much higher accurate rate of fire than most people realize. He fires, he immediately slaps that bolt and when the rifle recovers from recoil he is ready to go again. I admit that I can’t do it but again I don’t practice it. I have, however, seen an ancient Marine and an old US Army guy do it. It looks like they are doing two moves instead of four. Slap back, slap forward, fire. My Google Fu is weak and I haven’t found a video of it.

  5. I am all for big magazines if that is what you want, brothers. But to say Bill Ruger was not our friend is wrong in my opinion. He was our friend. If he didn’t want to include hi-cap mags for his designs, so what? Buy a different gun. There are many good ones. Bill Ruger did more to put great guns in the hands of middle-class Americans (those with real world budgets) than anyone else in the latter half of the 20th century, via his new-for-the-time designs and his revolutionary-for-the-time manufacturing techniques. With all due respect, we should not forget that.

      1. I don’t know of any of her movies that were good. She willingly and publicly endorsed the downfall of America and personally helped get our troops tortured and killed by the NV. Comparing Bill Ruger to Hanoi Jane is excessive, and way over the top.

        1. They both worked to subvert Liberty. They may not be two sides of the same coin but they’re in the same change purse. The person shooting at you is no worse than the person actively working to legislate your Rights away. They both mean to take what’s not their’s to take.

          Bill Ruger didn’t simply not “want to include hi-cap mags for his designs.” He actively spoke out against the possession of “hi-capacity” magazines and supported reducing the availabilty of “firepower” available to “simple civilians.” It didn’t matter if he was talking about Ruger designs or other manufacturers.

          Bill Ruger quotes:

          “No honest man needs more than 10 rounds in any gun.”

          “I never meant for simple civilians to have my 20 or 30 round magazines or my folding stock.”

          “I see nothing wrong with waiting periods.”

        2. I don’t think it’s over the top at all. The policies that Bill Ruger promoted, when pursued to the logical end of confiscation, WILL lead to the deaths of Americans at the hands of the government. At least Hanoi Jane believed in what she was doing, and probably knew on some level it was going to cost her to some extent in terms of her film career.

          Bill Ruger arguably didn’t even have that; he did it knowing that what he was proposing would hurt his competition a lot worse than it would hurt him. Rather than meet them in the marketplace, he wanted to have his competitors’ products banned by government action.

          1. wild deuce – some good points maybe (see “marketplace”), but you’re still talking about a difference of opinion, not subverting liberty, in my opinion.
            netman – ‘”will” lead to the deaths of Americans at the hands of the government’?? really? we need to know more about this, if we are to survive. do tell. and BTW, marksmanship doesn’t count? more than one gun couldn’t help? caliber doesn’t count? tactics don’t count? survival all comes down to hi-cap mags? with all due respect, I have to disagree.

            1. Tim, it’s not just that he wouldn’t sell the hi-caps to the general public. In 1989, Bill Ruger lobbied congress in support of a BAN of “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines. More information here (much as I hate linking this douche, his article is fairly comprehensive on this subject):


              My assertion that taken to the logical step of confiscation, Ruger’s plan would lead to the deaths of Americans at the hands of the government was based on the assumption that at least some people would resist such an action.

              Nobody is trying to say that tactics, caliber, or other weapons don’t matter. Not sure where you came up with that. But when the government comes to seize the property of people who are inclined to fight back USING said weapons, then Americans are going to die. Not to mention the small matter of the Constitution getting trashed, yet again.

              If he had just limited his expression of his views to not selling the stuff to the general public, it would be a non-issue. The fact that he actually went to congress and tried to get legislation passed, betraying all of the people on our side who were fighting against it, is the reason why a lot of us hated him and continue to curse his memory.

          2. No, he didn’t want to have his competitors products banned…he wanted to not have his products banned. Or anyone elses.
            He tried a different approach than most enthisiasts would have tried or agreed with. That does not make him a “traitor”.

      1. Looked into this when they came out. Evidently Ruger wanted to use M-14 mags, but they couldn’t get a geometry that worked with double stack mags. AI mags and clones are common enough, so what the hell?

        1. I read in Rifle Magazine [IIRC] that Ruger considered lower cost mags but with the loose tolerances and english vs metric FAL mags as well as the plethora of incompatible AR-10 mags; they chose the AI mags for consistancy. They’re damn expensive but top quality from what I hear…all the Tac-ti-kewl operators are using them. I’d really like to see a Winchester M70 or better yet a CZ 550 set up as a scout. As for Bill Ruger dead or not – the kids shooters team I help coach curse him every time we have to tear down & reassembly the 22/45 pistols we use. Needless to say much swearing ensues.

  6. > Make a semi auto .22 Mag pistol with a crazy high capacity.

    Don’t encourage them; they already use Kel-Tec as their R&D department too often as it is. I will not patronize thieves.

  7. I’m kind of partial to 5 to 10 round magazines and well-aimed fire instead of scattering around a lot of lead. I’m reminded of Jimmy Stewart in “Winchester 73″…of course, a good lever action (or pump shotgun) allows you to reload incrementally…which is why I have both. My SKS shoots a lot more accurately than an AK 47, too! Knowing you have to make every shot count put the onus on accuracy. If TSHTF, cover and concealment is a well-learned skill as well.

    1. Your SKS is almost certainly more accurate than an AK-47… That does not mean it is more accurate than ALL AK-47s. And having an AK-47 with a 30 round, detachable magazine doesn’t mean that you’ve abandoned the concept of carefully aimed fire, it just means that you’ve abandoned being limited to 10 round capacity and loading from stripper clips.

  8. So, I’m sitting looking at a gun rag article on the scout rifle when it first came out with that huge mag. What? 10 rounds? $700? Then I look at my gun rack holding my Lee-Enfield sporterized jungle carbine I picked up for $149. It’s mag sticks out about 2 inches and I think WTF Ruger?

  9. I don’t support Ruger. My 10/22 purchased 21 years ago was my first and last Ruger purchased. Since then I’ve been educated regarding Bill Ruger, and then later how they bent Kel-Tec over.

    Lee-Enfields rock. I wish someone would make them new and in a cheap caliber like .223 or 7.62×39.

    1. Google search: AIA (Australia International Arms) M10 carbine. A Lee Enfield bolt action carbine, chambered for 7.62x39mm that uses AK47 detachable magazines. In my opinion, it is an improved version of the CZ 527 Carbine (which is still a good rifle) because of its use of common AK47 magazines.

  10. Making a bolt action feed from staggered feed magazines is REALLY tricky. I learned this the hard way with the Stevens 200 I set up to run an M-14 mag.

    The round bolt body of a normal bolt action won’t reach down between the feed lips of a detachable magazine unless you take a lot of material off the bottom of the receiver. Even then it’s iffy.

    Take a look at what Mossberg did on their MVP to make it feed from AR mags.

  11. On the Scout Rifle subject I came across an Ishapore Enfield in 7.62 NATO missing it’s 10-round magazine at a local shop and thought, “Hey, that’s the ticket!”
    The rear sight’s way out there ahead of the stripper-clip notches and could easily be replaced with a good eye-relief scope, and for about $175 I’d have me a more modern cartridge than .30-40Krag since I sold the Swiss K-31… And a proven, bombproof, cock-on-closing fast-repeater design.

  12. I Just sold a Ishapore Enfield in 7.62 it shot ok but the front site was set for 400 yards and it is a big heavy rifle albeit a tank carrying that thing in the field was a back ach waiting. I have a 6.5 Swiss that is 1/3 the weight and size with peep sights made in the 1900’s, 8 round mag, still shoots fist size groups at 100 yards. The only down size is the odd caliber although its not hard to find on line. I am keeping my eyes open for a .308 bolt action more usable in size….I think the all time best boltie is still the Russian 7.62×54’s. Cheep, a tank, easy ammo beat to death, modified to almost any configuration and it still delivers.

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