Hurricane Sandy

I feel very badly for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Mostly because they are stuck in Democrat controlled New York and are completely helpless. But thank GOD no one is chugging down a 32 ounce fountain drink of Death! I read that one New York City Official Person was unleashing harsh criticism of the Red Cross for not doing enough. Excuse me, but where was your Emergency Planning? Or was your whole plan to depend on the Volunteers of the Red Cross? Instead of bullshitting about the Beverage Sizes, how about you did some Prepping? If you have a STATE to take care of, or a Major City, you are the one responsible in case of a Disaster. You saw the Hurricane coming. You had warning. What did you do? Hurricanes happen every year. It never occurred to you that one could hit New York? You are on a Coast. The Red Cross does what it can…. around the world. You retards are only responsible for your area, and you have like 10 times the budget. Your finger pointing makes you look like even more an ass. You guys let New York down. Not the Red Cross. You.

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  1. I flew out of the area the day before the storm.

    I was just visiting the North East and decided to head out ahead of the storm I’d been hearing about for days.

    That is to say, I had enough warning, to make the decision to leave.

    It’s hard for me to call these people victims. Victims are people who suffer from unavoidable tragedies.

    Are people who, knowing a disaster is coming, fail to either leave or make ready, really victims of anything?

    People who stand on a train track and wait, are not victims of a train.

  2. Looting, dumpster diving for food, fist fights for fuel.
    Go ahead and laugh at… make fun of people who think of preparedness.
    And people wonder why I am so damn selective on areas I would consider making my perfect home.


  3. Make some popcorn and sit back. Watching this debacle unfold over the next week or two will be entertaining if nothing else.

  4. I’m waiting for the public health explosion from all the sewers and flooded areas to take effect. Those tunnels are perfect breeding grounds for things.

  5. The mayor is strangely quiet. I suspect he is crafting weapon confiscation legislation for when the first self defense shooting hits the news.

  6. Ogre… I know this is off topic but please forward the following to your brother regarding “Gods of Miskatonic” I’ve having an extremely hard time posting to his site as I have a hard time determining the characters on his spam checker; and when I do enter what I think are the right characters it rejects the post

    “”Been reading since your brother linked… you are a little bit rough in spots but do know how to tell a good story, which is is more than I can say for some supposedly more polished authors I’ve read… KEEP IT UP… I’m enjoying the tale immensely””

    Now as far as local New York / New Jersey unions and politicians in the handling of this disaster the only comment is “WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A BUNCH OF NANNY-STATE BOOGER-EATING MORONS”… You did note that local union energy workers would not allow a group of non-union workers to assist ( I think it was either on DRUDGEREPORT or FOXNEWS… AS BUGS BUNNY WOULD SAY ” WHAT A BUNCH OF MOROONS ”

    Hope the bike issue comes out well

    Best Regards


  7. NYC is the target of a hurricane every 12 – 24 months. The get moderate snowfall that will also shut down essential services in the city. Manhattan and Long Island are ISLANDS with most of their infrastructure underground (BELOW SEA LEVEL). The vertical expansion of the urban area creates a high population density, and funnels that amplify wind speeds as well as cause more turbulent flow of those winds.

    Nothing that I wrote above is rocket science. The damage, and potential for damage as a result of NORMAL weather patterns in the NY Metro area is well understood. For anyone that has working brain cells between their ears and a basic understanding of the natural world, the damage and social situation that we see in NYC as a result of Sandy (barely a Cat 1 storm) is not a surprise.

    In other words, I agree with the Ogre.

  8. ha ha…just posted about the same stuff….the fact that people who didn’t lose their homes can’t survive on their own for 72 hours is frightening…

    and as for the red cross, I should note the Yankees donated a whopping $500,000 to the relief efforts through them….any clue how much they paid A Rod to sit on his a$$ this year

  9. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things the day before the storm hit here in WV. The cashier said something like, “No water? Everyone else is getting bottled water.”

    My response – “Plenty at home – you never know when something like this might happen without a week’s notice.”

  10. Normally such slow reaction by utilities/politicians/relief organizations would be a catalyst for reform. Unfortunately this is NYFC and NFJ. The sheep will continue to vote for anything with a (D) after their name ‘case that’s what poppi and bubbi did.
    Bloomberg may be politically dead but Chuckles Schumer will die of old age in office.

  11. Its Bush’s fault. No really, well, ok not really but Bush did propose to build dikes and water proof electric infastructure in the N.E. and NY in his second term. The dem senate stopped it because they said it was a pay off to Big Oil, kid you not.

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