To Blog or not to Blog

If you think you want to Blog… Go for it.  Just do it.  Its easy.
Oh, wait… you want to have a successful blog?  Define successful first.
First thing you need though, is something to say.  If you just want to run your mouth, use Twitter or Facebook. If you want to really publish your words, then Blog.
The best way to do it is to pick a topic or two, or even three. These are you main subjects and stick to those.  These should be subjects you are knowledgeable about.
Blog regularly, but make sure you have a point.
Blog for yourself.  If you have an audience then great.
Don’t look at Blog Stats.  Just do what you do.
If you don’t suck, people will dig it.  If they don’t, who care? You blog for yourself.  If you stay true to this, people will dig it.

I am considering, very strongly, starting a new blog.  This would be a Food/Road/Character blog.  A division of  Not a replacement.  If/When I do that, I’m going to kill my Facebook Account and just concentrate on my blogs and WTA.

18 thoughts on “To Blog or not to Blog”

  1. George, feeling a little social media overload? I know the feeling sometimes. Though, I’d hate for you trash your Facebook account. It is a HUGE asset, like a business asset. Why not flip the focus around, make Facebook your slave to your blogs and promotions. Increase traffic to your blogs where you do outstanding online writing, by posting and promoting links more often to Mad Ogre (even Crusader too), you have a lot fans to influence on Facebook. My professional option…gratis.

      1. I have noticed that and it’s good. You can stretch your legs so to speak on blogs, compared to Facebook’s limitations. In the past I recognized an untapped potential there.

  2. Ogre,

    coming from someone who has disdain for twitter and facebook and anything else that brings total strangers into your life, for some reason I come to your page almost every day. It’s Fox news, CNN, the weather channel and Mad Ogre. Quite frankly, it takes balls and some ego to do what you do. I don’t know, maybe you make some income from it in some way but we sure have a lot of the same interest… guns, politics, motorcycles etc.. and some I could care less about like fiction writing, but like i said, you have held my interest for years, so keep up the good work!!!!!

  3. Sage advice. I have a handful of loyal followers, but I really just blog to vent frustrations, or share .mil stories and such.

    I am not however a citizen of the twitterverse or Facebook.

    1. …well you got one more follower right here…on the fence a bit after seeing you like Oregon Football, but I’ll just pretend you mean Oregon State… 🙂

      1. And right back at’cha! With guns and zombies, one can’t go wrong.

        And while I’m happy for the Beav’s this year……….QUACK!

  4. Wow, read that post like 4 times over…good points…

    “Blog for yourself. If you have an audience then great.
    Don’t look at Blog Stats. Just do what you do.

    Kind of lost sight of that over at my place…thanks.

    And please don’t kill your FB account…its the only way I can sometimes share your quips with my FB friends that otherwise wouldn’t take the time to visit MO.

  5. I like that you have been linking new articles to your FB. That said what EVER you do, don’t ever stop blogging. I have been a loyal reader since you were “just a computer repair guy” (with previous military and LEO experiance), and weren’t working the gun counter yet. I still think you need to go through the old MO site and post up some of those early links. Like, “Mongo” (still one of my favorite posts you have done) or revisit some of your past firearm reviews and give your views on them now.

    You have a TON of old information that allot of your newer readers don’t know how to access. For those interested in the older posts…. Look at the upper left side of the page in the “PAGES” section, click on the “old” link.

      1. Oh no doubt, though the gun reviews would be easy enough, and anything on the ‘weapons’ section of the old site (especially the “hate AR15s” article). But it’s clear your opinions have changed over the years so it might be a worthwhile topic one of these days.

      2. How about the Beretta Mini Cougar .45 from 2004? That one must be remembered. Is that a safe queen now?

  6. Please excuse the re-post from FB Crusader group. George, Mad Ogre seems to be lacking in holster reviews. I’d love to see a comprehensive comparison of CCW type of rigs (including for the less educated) would be most preferred.
    On the Crusader slant, maybe start your own Crusader Weaponry branded line, do a special edition with Adams Holsters and/or another respected company. Perhaps a tribute to the late Mark Craighead from Crossbreed Holsters. Even official Crusader recommendation of approved models, in exchange for publicity on the manufacturer site.

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