Post Election Violence

The media is throwing their arms in the air because there might be riots if Obama loses the election.
I’d be more worried about the possible Civil War if Obama wins.

I feel that no matter what happens, there will be blood. Its just a matter of degree.  If all we have are some overturned and burnt cars is a few of the big cities, then we will be lucky.  A few riots is probably the best case scenario. 

I remain optimistic about the future of our Nation, only because I am optimistic that Romney will win.  I can see things getting back to normal.  If Obama wins… the Nation will forever be changed into something it was never meant to be.

25 thoughts on “Post Election Violence”

  1. I don’t understand why when some people don’t get their own way then they must feel that they have to destroy property and even their own community. I never found a valid excuse to take out that level of aggression in a civilized society. Even my 4 year old knows better and that life doesn’t always go her way.

  2. I have already mad the decision to add some extra preps to my vehicle (we only have one) just incase the threats of violence come to pass in my area. It will be things like extra ammo and weapons to get me out of the area. I wish I had the money to spare on body armor.

    But, to be honest, I see the threats of violence the same as the promises to leave the country of X is elected/re-elected. It’s all likely to be a bunch of idiots blowing hot air.

      1. I completely agree. I don’t really see it happening in the area that I live in, but not far from here? Quite possibly.

        That doesn’t mean that I’m blind to the possibility, however. I’ll be just as vigilant as always.

  3. I agree with Tim. Most of the elections I can remember contained an element of anger and threats of either leaving the country or violence. It just depended on who you talked to. The media likes to ‘report’ on this kind of stuff because it is sensational and gets viewers. It reminds me of Y2K and all the hype that went along with that. I can certainly envision some incidents, but I doubt we will have more than a few upturned cars and some occupiers.

  4. Lets all hope that’s the worst it gets, and if God forbid you happen to be caught in the middle it’s impotant to be ready!
    I’m also looking for a win for Romney and some real hope for the country

    1. This is why I’m not worried about City Folk coming out to the Country. Fuckers don’t know we have Banjos, and they have Purdy Mouths.

      1. Sounds like you might be hiding something there Ogre. Ever seen Deliverance? The logical next step after that statement is that you’d make them squeal like a pig…

          1. Interesting. I can think of a lot of things to do to City Folk but raping them isn’t high on my personal list.

  5. Just ran across this, it seemed apropos:

    From the speech, Citizenship in a Republic, 1910
    By Theodore Roosevelt

    The very last thing that an intelligent and self-respecting member of a democratic community should do is to reward any public man because that public man says he will get the private citizen something to which this private citizen is not entitled, or will gratify some emotion or animosity which this private citizen ought not to possess.

    Let me illustrate this by one anecdote from my own experience. A number of years ago I was engaged in cattle-ranching on the great plains of the western United States. There were no fences. The cattle wandered free, the ownership of each being determined by the brand; the calves were branded with the brand of the cows they followed. If on the round-up an animal was passed by, the following year it would appear as an unbranded yearling, and was then called a maverick. By the custom of the country these mavericks were branded with the brand of the man on whose range they were found. One day I was riding the range with a newly hired cowboy, and we came upon a maverick. We roped and threw it; then we built a little fire, took out a cinch-ring, heated it at the fire; and the cowboy started to put on the brand. I said to him, “It is So-and-so’s brand,” naming the man on whose range we happened to be. He answered: “That’s all right, boss; I know my business.” In another moment I said to him: “Hold on, you are putting on my brand!” To which he answered: “That’s all right; I always put on the boss’s brand.” I answered: “Oh, very well. Now you go straight back to the ranch and get what is owing to you; I don’t need you any longer.” He jumped up and said: “Why, what’s the matter? I was putting on your brand.” And I answered: “Yes, my friend, and if you will steal for me you will steal from me.”

    Now, the same principle which applies in private life applies also in public life. If a public man tries to get your vote by saying that he will do something wrong in your interest, you can be absolutely certain that if ever it becomes worth his while he will do something wrong against your interest.

  6. This must be the first election where extreme predictions about post election actions have been made.

    Wait… nope… never mind.

    I’m reasonably certain that the day after the election one side will be elated and the other will be angry/in denial/depressed. Eventually they’ll come to accept it and generally grumble until the next time their party gains some more power. Ah, the cycle of politics.

  7. Ditto on some Blue State inner city demonstrations. But even then it won’t be anything like what they had forty years ago. Attitudes of the general populace have changed. There are a lot more “Shall Issue” and a number of politicians realize their behinds will be in trouble if they let violence spread.

  8. Don’t worry country folk, the urban centers would be the riot problem and they have to get through the heavily armed suburbs before the rural areas would get hassled much. We’ve got ya covered.

  9. Rioting?
    “Come on, you stinking looters! Today’s special is on hot lead!”
    So who recognizes that reference?

  10. If the zOmbies want a taste, all I can say is I live in Garland. Ever see Zombieland? Film about my town after the ZA. There’s a whole lot of Mexicans between Garland and Oak Cliff. Their numbers should be thinned down enough even an old bastid with bad eyes and an M1A can protect his hood. ‘Specially when half a dozen of my neighbors are at least as old and hateful as me.

    Here little dumass, want a cracker. I’M RIGHT HERE FOO!

  11. Riots? Easy. Stay out of the city. Funny how riots don’t ever make it to the end of the blacktop. If they do? Bring a lunch…and friends.

  12. “I’d be more worried about the possible Civil War if Obama wins.”
    I’ve wondered about that myself, but most “lefties” don’t have ammo and the military is only obligated to comply with lawful orders…

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