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G&A’s 8 Accessories

Guns & Ammo wrote up a nice little dealio… 8 Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed.

Some of this list is redundant.  Stuff to hang your pistol under stuff… But #7.  Oh man, they hit the nail on the head there!


  1. Moose's Gravatar Moose

    #7 fer sure… But I made the mistake of showing my boys #5. I think I can make something like that…

  2. 08/17/2012    

    Ha ha! Hot damn! Awesome! Lubed a co-worker’s wheelgun up today. Love it!

  3. TheIrishman's Gravatar TheIrishman

    Just ordered up the oil and grease pair. I’ve got to see what all the hype is about.

  4. Mattitude's Gravatar Mattitude

    Sweet! I passed out at least 15 business cards at my pistol class that I taught last weekend @ Smith Mtn Lake, VA. Joe/George should’ve received some orders from that area by now…yes?

    • 08/18/2012    

      I don’t know… but thanks!

  5. BS's Gravatar BS


  6. 08/18/2012    

    That is so Awesome! Congratulations!

  7. Glen Hubert's Gravatar Glen Hubert

    That is very cool

  8. 08/18/2012    

    Wow… are THEY behind the curve.
    Almost anything that takes a lube of some kind at my place has been Slipstreamed.
    I eagerly await the Automotive division firing up.


    • 08/18/2012    

      We’re working on it!

      • 08/20/2012    

        Imma waitin!!!


      • stomper17's Gravatar stomper17

        Hell yeah! Slipstream automotive? I NEED that!

        • 08/21/2012    

          You do…

          But we’ve found it has to done right. Slipstreaming an engine is a process, not an event. It would also be about 200 bucks.
          But the results we’ve found so far… staggering.

          • stomper17's Gravatar stomper17

            200 bux to basically recondition an engine. Very good deal.

  9. Monte's Gravatar Monte

    Way cool to have Slipstream to be cited.
    Had my Slipstream stolen before I could even use it, along with my truck, some back up gear.
    Carry on Sir.

  10. stomper17's Gravatar stomper17

    Don’t know how I missed that. About time they picked up on it. I just tried the Styx variant on a couple of my pump guns. They had already run with the original slipstream but styx managed to make them cycle a little easier. Is there more nano-watzit in the Styx version?

    Can I order straight nano-watzit?

    I liked the old needle applicator thing, but no big deal. Its extremely effective friction cutter.

    But I have to admit something…

    Those stupid Mako mag well things…with the finger grooves?
    I like those.

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