7 thoughts on “Paradise Found.”

  1. You finally succumbed, eh? Have fun and get your self a buddy to ride with- you crash back in the boonies, it could be a lonnnnggggg time till ya get found.

    1. Yeah, I have buddies to ride with. Fenris and M. But I dont have anyone else around here that does Enduro.

  2. Nice ride and it haz Teh Bitton! That bike will go ANYWHERE, with judicious and trials-like use of the throttle. My kickstart stinkwheel 300 is a lot of fun but I wish I had a plate. Don’t take up Enduro racing thought, it’s full of Seniors who just had a kid and been out of racing a while, but who used-to be AA riders… 80-mile loop of single track is a beat-down.

  3. Getting a high-compression 4-stroke re-started after a biff in the weeds when you’re all hot and bothered is no fun, that’s what I like about 2-strokes! 🙂

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