Can-Am Spyder

Eventually I will no longer be able to Ride.  Bad knees and dizziness will catch up to me.  Death and Taxes… they are going to happen.
I watched some guys ride past on Sport Touring machines this morning and I thought, man… I never want to give this up, as I rubbed the pain in my knees.
Then I saw a dude motor past on one of those Harley Trikes.  I thought “Oh hell no!”. I’d have o give up riding first.
This depressed me all day.  Like The Ghost of Christmas Future, it loomed over me threatening my inevitable doom.

On the way home I saw one of these Can-Am Spyders.  Goofy looking… but still sporty, still zoomy.
I could do one of those.


But not today.

20 thoughts on “Can-Am Spyder”

  1. I understand that their handling is very different from any other motorcycle on the market.

    My problem is, I want to mount a couple of pop-up machineguns on the front wheels.

  2. This is something I’ve thought about as well. I [hopefully] have many more years of riding ahead of me….but when that time comes…what to do? At this point, I’m saying I’ll hang up the helmet, but who knows.

      1. The T Rex on which I believe the concept was founded now that looks cool but in the atomsphere of 50K – The Can Am comes in a close 2nd

  3. There are 3 words that best describe the Can-Am Spyder…
    1: handles
    2: like
    3: $#!+

    If you get to the point where you can’t ride anymore, just buy a slick little roadster(S2000/Shelby clone/Lotus Elise) and go have fun. If you think your knees hurt from riding 2 wheels, wait until you work them all day long shifting around to steer a trike(traditional or Spyder). They steer less from lean and more by weight shift. You can’t lock your legs in and steer by just leaning your upper body as on a bike, you need to move your whole body for anything more than slow speed maneuvers.

  4. If you have to go with a trike tadpole is the way to go. The physics of a regular trike just don’t work out too well

  5. Two words: Ariel Atom.

    Actual speed, real handling, and the same open-air fun. Only downside is that it costs twice as much but I’m willing to bet that it’s worth it.

      1. Nah. I mean probably in terms of dedicated cargo space but with the atom you’ve got that passenger seat to stuff crap into.

    1. The balance issue is due to something in my skull that is going to eventually remove me from this world eventually. I’ve accepted it and that’s that. Me getting “better” isn’t going to happen. One day, I will have to ride with more than 2 wheels. I’m looking at the Spyder as an eventual options. I probably have 3 to 5 years of riding left. If I am very lucky, a few more than that.

  6. “What walks with four legs at dawn…”

    Rode a trike. Once. Hated it. YMMV.
    Straddled, but didn’t ride a Spyder…wasn’t my Kingpin (granted, I’m biased). It had a bit of a forward lean I didn’t care for. I know a guy that rides one regularly and likes it, though he mostly rides Hogs.

    If keeping my face in the wind means three wheels instead of two? Spyder, hands down.

    At least until they come up with something better.

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