I like my AR again.

My AR has been bugging the hell out of me.  The thing was heavy as hell.  No, seriously, we’re talking at AR-15 Carbine that weighed more than a Springfield M1A National Match or a SOCOM II.  It just weighed a friggen ton.

Here’s what it looks like now.

Much better.

The parts I took off were really not all that heavy to be honest.  The Surefire Rails, Weapon Light Mount and Light, the Rail Covers, Tango Down VFG, and the VLTOR Stock.  It’s just that the MOE stuff with a Pistol type Weapon Light are much lighter.  The problem though really stems from the fact that my AR has Rhinemetal 120mm barrel on it off an M1 Abrams.  Or so it feels like that.  Even stripped, it was still a touch heavier than an M1A Standard Synthetic.   My Take Offs on a normal gun would be just fine.  But that’s not the AR I have.  Mine is a freaking Tank.

Anyone want the goodies I took off the gun?

Not shown is the VLTOR stock.

The Surefire Rails are “Mid-Length”, not Carbine or Rifle.  Who wants to make an offer on the parts?  I take Cash in Person or PayPal and I’ll ship it to you.  I’d like to start the bidding at a hundred bucks.

16 thoughts on “I like my AR again.”

    1. My Cavarms 6.8 has a BUIS set and an EOTech on it. and just a standard style rifle length forestock.

      I just don’t understand this gadgetry fad.

  1. I have my duty rifle set up with the same type of light Magpul furniture. The only difference is my BCM upper is very light even with the Trijicon Reflex sight. A streamlight TLR 1 will do just about anything a high dollar rifle light will do, and the work great on the MOE rail.

  2. Some gadgets come in handy, like the VFG on my CETME. Its essential on that rifle because after two magazines you can literally cook bacon on the forend.

  3. Just did the same thing with a couple of my ARs. I’ve got one set up in an M4 profile for work. Took the rail system off of it since I never use the rails for anything other than a light. Put the MOE handguards on and using this (http://www.impactweaponscomponents.com/product/smc-light-mount-1-00/) mount with a Surefire G2X.

    Did the same setup for a midlength AR as well… MOE handguards and the SMC light mount with a Surefire G2(LED) I had kicking around.

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