Tactical Carbine Training Day

Class Photo
On the line!

The class was fantastic.  An Instructor couldn’t ask for a better group of Students.  Former Marine and his Daughter, A Tactical Cowboy, an experienced shooter wanting to sharpen his skills… and then we had The Gun Dudes.
This was a Basic Level Course, so it was mostly Old Hat to some of the guys here… but we all still had a good time.  The more advanced level shooters were still challenged in one particularly simple, yet difficult drill… and we saw the guys work hard to do it right.  I was going to say more about the course… but those that have been to a Crusader course know what went down and those that haven’t yet, well, you gotta come out.

Young Miss Tina did such a great job at the class, she earned a carbine of her own. And a new Dress.  Guys, RESPECT!


4 thoughts on “Tactical Carbine Training Day”

  1. Was the lever gun broken in that picture? I’m much more familiar with the Marlin so maybe that’s normal for a Winchester action but it seems to me with the lever so for forward the hammer should already be cocked.

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