Google Glasses

I want a pair.  But not for Gaming or other such reasons… I want them for my Motorcycle Helmet.  Bike helmets have not changed much since the 60’s.  Sure, we have slicker shapes, better venting, and bold new graphics… But really its just a Plexiglas face shield attached to a padded bucket. 
I was watching Ironman and was thinking about this… How bitchin it would be to have that helmet for riding motorcycles.  Heads Up Displays with your bike’s data, speed, temp, angle, G’s… Navigation and Communication… And superimposed FLIR for greater night time riding safety.
The tech us all stuff we’ve had for decades.  US Army Helicopter pilots have had this for a long time.  We’ve had FLIR in cars too.   Google Goggles puts it into a form factor that could be incorporated into a bike helmet.

21 thoughts on “Google Glasses”

  1. Regardless of how much sense your argument makes, some tard will be watching porn on his HUD and doing 80 mph in traffic. End result? Blood, and lots of it.

    Come to think of it, tards do their best to ruin everything that’s cool.

    Chopper pilots have power supplies that hook up to their bird for their uber-coolness. How are you going to power a bike-sized info system?

  2. bluetooth to the targeting reticle on your firearm,
    so you see what the weapon ‘sees’no matter how you hold the weapon.
    You could fire from behind cover, with only the weapon exposed.
    Ranging info and other data could be displayed on a hud.

    Cars, guns, bikes, all kins of tech stands to benefit from making
    hud technology accessible,

    and yes, that includes porn.

    I wonder if it will be able to improve bacon…

  3. thats all you need a heads up display to distract you. your next video will be of you cursing incoherently as the world spins by wildley after hitting a pot hole you did’nt see.
    on the other hand your last bike dumps (there has been 2 so far this year right) did not have any real visual aids and/or sound, so that might not be a bad post provided you are healthy enough to post it.

    1. One bad one, but this helmet thing wouldnt have helped it. But getting bike telemetry and speed, without looking down… Worth it.

      1. I love the idea of getting “right now” info without taking my eyes off the road (or the little, old dude in the cap pulling out in front of me). Current gear, rpm, etc. all right in front of you where it belongs.

        Don’t go talking common sense ideas…it scares the masses.

        I, however, want two.

  4. Hmmm. If it could be set up to feed the bike pilot (since that’s what you are) performance data, good. As for IR, is it possible to down-size it to fit in a helmet for a ridercan wear? A chopper’s IR camera is usually in a chin mounted turret on the bird….

    1. I think that would have to be bike mounted for one good enough to use while in motion. But they do have good handheld units.

  5. While we are wishing I’d like a system to cool the helmet down that actually worked. Nothing like being stuck in a jam in the middle of August in Dallas.

  6. I just searched “Google Classes”, not for any need of such a product, just out of curiosity. Thank god it’s not an Apple product. There would be nothing but hipster morons walking around looking like LeVar Burton, talking to themselves. I can’t wait for these things to hit the street. Enough idiots can’t answer a simple phone call without nearly crashing their cars and it has just gotten worse as texting has become de rigueur…Or maybe I just need to get out of my truck more often. It seems, spending 12 hours a day surrounded by clueless distracted drivers has me a bit jaded.

  7. All it needs now is the targeting reticle for the mini-Hellfires. look, uncage the seeker, fire & forget (well, not really!) Helloooo, Airwolf!

  8. My oldest son is poitively Air wolf mad. Grew up in that era. actually found an Airwolf-style helmet w/commo setup. Wanted to use it on a bike, but way too pricey,IIRC.

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