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  1. /heh/ Tell me about it. Daughter #2 is a musical theater major on a compressed rehearsal schedule for an early July production of Guys and Dolls (lead as “Sarah”). Wow. All joking aside about theater kids, these young adults work hard. Wife is heavy into costuming/sewing till carpal tunnel flares. Good times. These are the things that spice up a community.

  2. You better be careful going out and about like that, you could find a blackhawk crash landing in your front yard……

  3. Bahaha, Aaron said you had a blog but I really didn’t know if I believed him. Awesome, George! Lol. It’s been fun getting to know you and Deveni in the show. As exhausting as it truly is, it’s sure been a lot of fun. For the record, you make a pimping Jacob and I would have paid to see the people at 7-11. Lol!

    1. Thanks. I cracked myself up at the Sev… people were freaking out.
      “Are these Hot Dogs Kosher? They have pork in them? Don’t tell anyone, but give me that big one!”

  4. Singing on a stage either a musical or an opera is something I regard as an athletic event on top of everything else. The diaphragm muscles, and all the other small control muscles get a heck of a workout. You have to move a considerable volume of air over time. I remember one opera singer saying that so many used to overeat because they felt so tired after a performance and they would try to get energy back by eating. These days the modern ones try to watch what they eat and exercise. Cross training for singing.

  5. You should go in costume into a large crowded elevator and when the doors close, announce: “I know you are wondering why I gathered you all here today… This is the rapture…”

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