Superhawk Update.

Unplanned, I sold my bike. An offer was made on my Superhawk. So I sold it. I was surprised, as the thought totally had not occured to me.
Oh well. It’s done. So I shall be getting a new bike. Something that is not a Honda. In fact, its very un-Honda. The Anti-Honda. Something I’ve never had before. It’s also very large and heavy, and that makes me nervous. It’s also ridiculously fast… But not something that will have me riding like I have been. This will be a good upgrade for me. One I can cross the country on… and will.

33 thoughts on “Superhawk Update.”

  1. You will enjoy the new steed. An extra 15-20 twenty horses and 10-15 #feet to deal with the extra 100#s. But range and ergos will be welcome i am sure of. Just keel this one shiny side either up or sideways please!

  2. Victory, Electraglide, Gold Wing, or Can Am Spyder? Anyways, smooth roads,fair weather and enjoy

  3. Well, I’ll still sell you my silver 2004 Kawi zrx1200 if you’re interested. Only 10k miles. Never dropped. Comfy ergos and plenty fast.

      1. George, you get that Rex… I will officially Envy you.
        Those are my favorite 2 wheelers… period.
        I have wanted one since I saw my first 1100 in 99.
        Then again I grew up LUSTING the old Superbikes.


      1. I love Priuses… their drivers so much fun to taunt.

        “How dare you drive around in that one-ton truck, alone! Don’t you know how much petroleum you’re burning?!”

        “Less than you, Prius-boy. I burn locally-produced biodiesel,* so on petroleum, I get 3500 miles per gallon.** What does your Prius get?”

        Then they mutter something and wander away,

        *I do it because I want to support my neighbors, and I’d burn locally-produced petroleum if we had oil wells in NH. But Prius-boy doesn’t need to know that…

        **4 gallons of engine oil every 15k miles.

  4. I love my HD ElectraGlide, definitely “not a Honda”…I have the removable tour pak, low windshield, and other mods to make it look almost like a StreetGlide when removed. That makes for a cruiser around town and touring package for cross country. Good luck with whatever you choose! and if your travels bring you to the south…I’ll provide great Southern Hospitality complete with a firing range.

  5. Saw a women in her 70’s riding a Can Am Spyder the other day… I’m sure she wont mind you having the same bike.

  6. figure in a seat rebuild if you get a ZRX- I love mine but the seats are definitely not user friendly. Buell pegs will give an inch more leg room.

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