13 thoughts on “Fine Firearms”

  1. Sorry. You cannot improve on polished, blued steel and hand checkered walnut. I know there’s a market for guns like the ones in the pics and engraving is high art in itself but the elegant simplicity and deadly purpose of classic firearms speak volumes without need for embellishment.

  2. Don’t know what.kinda price tag’s on them puppies, but they need some skate board tape on the front of them grip frames! B-). Seriously, if I can’t shoot it, I won’t own it. A little well-done engraving, ivory grips, hi-luster bluing, on a working gun is fine. (see Elmer Keith’s 4in. mod. 29’s…)

  3. I’m gonna hold off getting one of those until I declare myself president-for-life of some small nation.

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