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Getting ready to filter the Blog Roll once again.  If you have a blog that you like to see included, your own or a favorite that isn’t listed, post it in the comments below here.  If you see a blog that is listed that is dead or unworthy, let me know below as well.

It’s been suggested that I do away with them altogether.  Naw.  Since I set as my home page, I use it as my Book Mark list and I know several other guys that do too, so it’s not going away, just refreshed.

11 thoughts on “Blog Roll”

  1. I read, and sometimes access through this site:
    -Monster Hunter Nation
    -Raptor’s Nest
    -Huey’s Gunsight
    -The Firearm Blog

    You may wish to include Zach’s ‘Venetian Armory,’ and ‘Sins of Prometheus.’

    Outbreak does not seem to blog, anymore…

  2. I use your blogroll as a bookmark list, too.

    I use War on Guns as a pathway to two other blogs:

    Sipsey Street Irregulars and Western Rifle Shooters Association.

    (both of which may be considered controversial)

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