The Chop Glock

When an old battered Glock got traded in, I had to get it.  It was in horrible condition and the trigger wouldn’t reset.  I replaced all the trigger parts and cleaned it out and Slipstreamed it.  It functions flawlessly now.

Glock 22 Chopped to 23 Length.

I cut the Grip Frame down from normal Glock 22 length to Glock 23 length so I can use both mags.  You can see the 22 Mags stick out a bit, but it’s functionally flawless.

With a G23 Mag locked in.

The G23 magazine locks in solid.  Reason for doing this is to make the Glock 22 more concealable. The result is like a Colt CCO or SIG C3.  Longer barrel and slide on a more compact frame.  Greater Concealment without sacrificing shootability, accuracy, or ballistics.  You can see in the second picture the grip is now devoid of texture.  Stippling will commence shortly.  I find it’s best to sand the grips to make a nice blank canvas to work on.  One gets better results that way.  It also narrows the grip a bit, making it feel nice and danty.

You can see the Prior Owner tried to make the slide look Stainless.  This didn’t work so well.  The slide will have to be media blasted and Cerakote finished.  I’m thinking a Dark Gray color.

5 thoughts on “The Chop Glock”

  1. Nice work! I recently picked up the dark earth Gen3 Glock 19 going to get some night sights for it thinking trijicon HD, and some other mods- I had 2 G26’s that did not fit my hand did not enjoy shoting the G19 gives me a completely different feel. I gues I’ve joined the dark side lol.

  2. Only way to have them for those of us with “Mutant sausage fingers”. I did the same to my old 17 when it came back from Glock with a new frame that had the darn grooves. Only took about 45 minutes sitting on the couch with a set of files and watching TV. If I was going to do another one I think I would shape it about 80% with my Dremel and then finish with the files.

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