Sorry about that…

Got a message on this morning about Uprising.  It contains SPOILERS.  So don’t read past the break if you don’t want SPOILERS.

“Sitting in bed with the Wife. Suddenly she screams out, “You tell George he’s an a______ for killing April”. And then I got hit. So were lying here an hour later, she’s reading “Ogre King” still and I hear, “God Dammit You tell George he is a Jerk. He kills of Joy TOO !!! You tell him he sucks giant hairy Sasquatch BALLS He is killing off my favorite people !!!”
So now I am in trouble because of you. Thought you would get a laugh out of that one.”

Yeah, sorry about that… I hope she’s not a fan of Uncle Musket… because she might not like the end.  But you can sooth her in the fact that he’s not dead.  At least not yet.

10 thoughts on “Sorry about that…”

      1. Haha! I actually promote the hell out of your books when I can! And slipstream. And Crusader. I like being helpful.

  1. Working through Uprising Itiala now. Read USA and UK over last weak and last weekend. Next time I hop on my laptop vs the iPhone I’m using now I’ll leave you some great reviews on Amazon. Great books George. I’m a huge Monster Hunter fan, and I really like yours. They take a whole new spin on the zombie apocalypse. Ready for Russia to come out!!!!

  2. LOL I guess you really did like that message I sent you huh? She is upstairs finishing the book, (On Kindle by the way, it was my first book I got for my Kindle), I am downstairs hiding until she finishes. She was mumbling all night “fricking killing off the girl squad, fricking idiot George…” I kept getting the “shoulder slap” because I was laughing every time she did it.

    By the way for anyone with Girlfriends/Wives, George’s book and Larry Correia’s books are the only “Guy” books she has ever read. Now she is hooked on them. Convince your S/O to give them a try. Its fun being able to talk about the books with my Wife. She is even so involved now that She is throwing me a “Zombie” Birthday party, All I am told is that it is Zombie themed with a custom cake and all attending have been told to bring gifts that are “survival” related. She gave me a S.O.G. Tactical Tomahawk as an early Birthday present.

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