Free Zombie Book

I’ll give you a free Zombie Book for your Kindle Reader if you give me a good review….

Uprising USA is now FREE through Saturday.  Get it.  Then if you would be so kind, get Uprising UK and Italia.

And if you would be even more kind… and this doesn’t cost you anything… Give me a good review?  Please?  Pretty Please?  I need some good reviews on it and UK… Especially UK.  Uprising UK is, in my opinion, a much better book.

24 thoughts on “Free Zombie Book”

  1. having read both book I can say you ROCK as good as MHI or John Ringos books when is the next book out wish the main stream book stores soid it

  2. Hmmm, can I get a copy if I don’t have a kindle? I’m still using a kobo, not sure if that will read a kindle file. I lurk here, mostly, but I like what I read, so I guess I’ll buy it and see. And if I do like it (pretty sure I will) I’ll happily post ya a great review.

    Stay safe!

    1. You can get it on Smashwords, but they don’t have the free promotion going on. That’s something my Publisher arranged.

      1. Got it on the Kindle Cloud Reader. Now I can read it on my PC and hopefully my Droid phone. Soon as I finish I’ll put up a review. Shouldn’t take long, I read a LOT, lol. You want the reviews here or somewhere else?

  3. Thanks for the free download. I’ll review this after I finish. I read a lot and always need new stuff.

  4. Thanks! Just read the first couple of pages so far (need to finish the couple of books I’ve already started) but it looks like fun. Does your tongue ache from holding it so firmly in your cheek?

  5. Don’t own a kindle, but my Dead Tree version arrived this afternoon and I’m plowing through it.

    BTW (and I know I keep asking this, sorry) when is the deadline for anthology submissions?

  6. Read them earlier this year, they were great. My best friend has them now & agrees. I put up 2 good reviews for you, can’t wait for the next book.

  7. Very good book would love more background on main characters (ie) small episodes on who they were pre zed invasion. that would be cool. Nice all the girl power too we are ussually not thought of much unless were written in as amazonian types super smart doctors or bimbos lol nice that the average jill caught a break with you. Thanks again lookin forward to reading the rest of your books.

  8. Ogre, loved Uprising USA so much I bought Uprising UK and I’m half way through Italia. Great books but spelling lets you down! More so in Italia and Zach teaches?! Regards from Northern Ireland

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