11 thoughts on “A little Vid on the Hawk”

  1. Ya’all be careful on that-! (I am an old duffer, I get to say shit like this!!) do you practice quick stops? Quick swerves?

  2. pS- My favorite ride in Utah (so far) is from Zion to Torrey via Utah 9. US 89, and Utah 12- what a huge variety of terrain. Plus a killer dinner at cafe Diablo in Torrey. Just watch the tar snakes if it is warm……

  3. Superhawks are *great* bikes. I wish I still had mine. It’s friendlier ride than some of the harder-edged sport bikes, and a skilled rider can do just as well in the corners

    A couple of unsolicited recommendations, if I may:

    – the stock brakes are kind of mushy. Stainless steel brake lines will put an end to that.
    – the front fork springs are a little too wimpy. They are easily replaced with progressive springs.
    – with some careful surgery, you can remove the inner baffles from the stock mufflers. It greatly improves the sound, is not that much louder, and doesn’t require diddling with the carbs

    I recommend SLC Ducati for the brake and front end mods.

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