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One of The Horde has asked for a Top 5 1911 list.  This is difficult, because saying 1911 is like saying Pickup Truck.  There are different types, classes of truck.  Class wasn’t specified.  So this is going to be an overall pick, cross classes.

1.  Springfield TRP
2.  SIG 1911 TacOps
3.  Dan Wesson V-Bob
4.  STI Ranger II
5.  Springfield 1911 GI

Three of the five selections are full sized, 5” guns.  The other two are Commander length guns.  There are no three inch guns on my list for a reason.   The smaller sized guns get more finicky in terms of reliability and for me, that’s a huge disqualification.  The full size and the Commander length guns are where it’s at.
If I was going to pick a few more, the other guns on my list would be the guns in the Colt CCO type configuration with a Commander length barrel and slide on an Officer’s length frame.  Such as the SIG C3 and RCS.  Both would make the list for sure.  Also, if I had another spot, I’d have to put an STI Tactical 4.15, which would also be the only double stacked 1911 on this list, and the only one in 9mm.
If I was going to pick something on the more Budge Minded level, the options are fewer, but some stand out.  The pistols from ATI have a strong showing with tolerances on par with guns that cost 3 times as much.  The newish Remington R1 is a nice pistol, if you can find one.  The Para GI Expert is a very similar gun at a similar price point, and it’s a good one.  Then there are the guns from Taurus which are solid values and surprisingly good shooters.
Notice I am not talking about the Semi-Custom Production guns from makers such as Wilson Combat, Les Baer, and Ed Brown.  They are certainly good, but the cost level is puts them far and away above the reach of a lot of shooters, without a drastic or tangible increase in returns for the money.

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  1. It’s articles like this that makes it very hard for me to pick one. I kick myself for selling my Taurus 1911, so now I need to fill that void. It would be so much easier if everyone agreed that there was just ONE good 1911 out there. But with all these choices…yeah, it’s a tough decision.

  2. Nice to see someone NOT taking a dump on the Taurus for a change. I’ve had mine since they first came out and it hasn’t failed even once yet. (Yet my SIG and CZ-75 both have multiple times, as well as a friend’s Springfield every time I shot it. FWIW.)

  3. That was quick- thanks for taking the time to respond. It’s interesting that the top three guns are all ones that I would have gone for (although the DW would have been just a Valor). Hearing great things about the Sig and the Springfield.

    Seems odd that in an era where there are probably more manufacturers making 1911s than ever before that these three guns would be on both lists. What do you think of the production Colt guns?

  4. Okay Ogre I pretty much agree, but having shot a 1911 in 1960 at the ripe old age of 11 and having carried one in Viet Nam, I have my favorites as well. #1 is that original 1911 build in 1941 that I still have, passed to me by my decorated Marine father. Semper Fi Dad! #2 is my Dan Wesson CBOB. An incredible 1911A1 that makes me look better with it that I really am. #3 and don’t stroke out MO, is the Taurus PT1911. For the money this is a great gun. I’ve put several thousand rounds downrange without any problems. I would recommend, for someone on a limited budget who wants to get into the 1911 club, to take a look at this weapon and talk to someone who actually owns one.

    The 1911 is a hellava gun. Thanks John Browning!

    Keep up the good work Orge. We need more of you and less of them!

    1. Thank you, Sir. I shall strive…
      No, the opinion on the Taurus PT1911 isn’t surprising at all. Taurus really is building a good 1911. I have to say, overall, better than Kimber right now. And we have had less problems with Taurus than we have had with the S&W 1911’s.

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