Honda Magna For Sale.

1994 Honda VF750C Magna.  2500 bucks cash or trade for a bigger bike or a sport bike.
27000 miles.  Brand new rear tire, chain, sprockets.  Runs awesome.   I don’t want to sell it, but I need either more power or something with more lean angle.

5 thoughts on “Honda Magna For Sale.”

  1. “Well if he put a side car on it he wouldn’t have to worry about the lean angle and..what are you fixing to do with that big rock?”

  2. Hey George, You should look into getting a Yamaha FZ1. More power and ground clearance with bar risers for the handlebar to avoid the boy racer crouch and wrist-ache. The first generation models, 2001-2005, are carbureted and deliver 127 horsepower to the rear wheel. Re-jetted and piped, my ’02 puts out 140 horses and is very comfortable enough to do highway stints of 500 or more miles. From ’06 on, the FZ1 is fuel injected, has upside forks and is generally slanted more to the sporty side of the spectrum. Either way, you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a fast bike that is also comfortable enough to keep you out of the chiropractor’s chair.

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