Remington made it interesting.

Remington has brought out their Versa Max in a Tactical version.  It has their breaching choke, extended feed tube, a small section of rail up front to mount a light, and a rail over the top of receiver for an optic, oversized bolt release… all fine and good.

But Remington has once again proven that they just don’t really get what tactical really is.  They have some guys working on the 870 that know Tactical, and that’s about where they stay.  Because they just got it wrong.

They took the Versa Max, which is a gun that can shoot all 3 sizes of Shot Shells, and neutered it so it can’t shoot the 3 1/2″ shells. This was the whole point of the Versa Max, and they ruined it.   Then they are keeping it as long as Punt Gun.  The 8+1 capacity is nice, but good grief this is a long gun… In WWII Germans shot down Spitfires with these things.  “Ja das ist das 88mm Waffe für den Abschuss Flugzeuge.”

So it’s not a real tactical gun for anything… but what makes it interesting is that this is almost ideally made for something.  3 Gun.  This has all the features suited for the growing sport, and it’s going to have a very reasonable price… So for you guys looking into getting into 3 Gun and you want a Semi Auto, I think Remington has the gun for you.

For me and what I’d want, I’d want the barrel cut down to 18″, ghost ring sights, and a pistol grip with an adjustable stock that isn’t an AR stock.  Maybe next month, Remington?  Oh, and maybe, if it would help – let it keep the 3 1/2″ shells just for fun.


6 thoughts on “Remington made it interesting.”

  1. Interesting, but if I was gonna drop $1300 on a tacticool shotty, the Benelli or an FN would probably be getting my attention first…but if they can get it to a point to compete with the new Mossberg 930 JM then I will have a nice dilemma…

  2. I’d like to know for the sake of curiousity which semi cycles the fastest? A particular Benelli, Winchester, Beretta? The new VersaMax tactical in this link seems to be crazy fast. Only the shooter hiccuped.

    I guess I can Google it. But I’m feeling extra lazy today. Basically was wondering if a manufacturer actually made the claim of “fastest semi” and not challenged due to it being the truth.

  3. What is the advantage of pistol grips on a long arm? having only shot ak and m16 with pistol grips,but have shot garand, and several bolt actions and find the latter more forgiving as far as hand position and comfort.

  4. Will this work with the low recoil rounds? I tried some with my Rem 1100 but they won’t cycle the action. If the can run the low recoil, it could be a nice feature for 3-gun competitors.

    As for price, by the time I put in the Easy loader, Timney trigger kit, the extended mag tube and bought a longer barrel for my 1100 tactical, I have basically the same money invested that this Versa will probably cost retail.

    Does the action on the Versa allow for shorter or adjustable AR type stocks? I would like to have pistol grip like my AR to have similar grip and stance when shooting a match stage. A pistol grip on an 1100 has too long a length of pull for the stocks available. because of the spring tube on the 1100 you can’t really shorten the stock.

    If this is priced similar to the FN it will sell pretty well.

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