Looks like Romney has it.

Romney is going to be the Man for the GOP. ¬†Like it or not. ¬†This isn’t official or anything, of course. But it’s a solid indicator.
The guy might be unlikeable on several levels, but I think he’ll make for a fine President.

A Bowl of Ramen Noodles would do a better job than what we have now.

11 thoughts on “Looks like Romney has it.”

  1. He’ll win New Hampshire & Florida. The two questions though are how he does in Iowa & South Carolina. If he staggers in Iowa, pulls out a win in New Hampshire but then loses SC it’ll be a tough road.

    The loss of Iowa though is if he finishes below 2nd place. A 3rd place win hurts him.

  2. He owns Virginia.
    The Republican party here made sure the only choices we’ll have in the primary are Mitt “Flip Flop” Romney and Ron “Crazier Than a Shithouse Rat” Paul.
    That is, of course, after we sign an “Oath of Loyalty” before being ALLOWED to vote in the primary.

    Here’s to another four years of Barack Obama!

    Fuck My Life

    1. That little shennanigan is being fought in state court still. When you have an open primary, the courts get the last word.

      According to the letter of the law, Perry and Gingrich had their cards in order. The state law does not require addresses for presidential nomination race candidates.

    2. Oh, and concerning loyalty oaths …

      In my opinion, all party nomination elections should be closed to the public. If a person is not a contributing member of the party, then fuck that person’s opinion.

      Open primaries allow democrats to jump lines long enough to help loser republicans get nominated. Parties sign a pact with Satan when they agree to have an open nomination in return for “major” party status.

    3. Very witty! On Paul – I had the same opinion as you (provided by media) until I decided to read his Manifesto to earn my own.
      Took me less than two sittings to do it. I challenge you to do the same and come back with the same opinion.

    1. Simple: Romney doesn’t constantly blame his shortcomings on Bush.

      That, and his socialist health care scheme applied only to the state which he governed, while Obama’s socialist health care scheme applied to the nation he…….oh…….wait…….

  3. Paul, I think, will run a third party candidacy if he doesn’t get the nomination. He’ll drain off quite a bit of the Republican vote and a lesser amount of the Democrat vote. I hope he succeeds in overcoming the Republican and media elites for that reason if no other.

    1. I doubt it. He didn’t do it, last time around.

      However, a lot of folks will write him in in protest, if he doesn’t win the nomination, even if he explicitly says not to…

      Romney cannot beat Obama in an actual election due to that and many other factors so, like I keep saying, a primary vote for anyone other than Paul is the same as voting for Obama in November.

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