The USA Gave Chavez Cancer


Oh Crap.  Hugo Chavez guessed it.  The USA gave him cancer and he found out about it.  By carefully dosing his Frosted Crazy Flakes every morning, we were able to give him cancer after this 20 year process.  We finally got Kim Jong Il, and now we’re getting him too!  (Insert Evil Laughter Here)

Because it couldn’t have been all the cigars and red meat that the fat bastard has been sucking down all his life… it’s America out to get him.  My hell, I can’t wait until that twat kicks the bucket.  His constantly blaming the USA for everything… Come on.  Doesn’t he have any appreciation for the CIA putting all those hundreds of thousands of Agents in his country to haunt his every move?  No appreciation at all!

Note to all the Agents down there.  Let’s get his Little Dog too…

Borrowed time, buddy.

8 thoughts on “The USA Gave Chavez Cancer”

  1. Hahahaha! lol that’s funny sick and true all at the same time Hahahaha- seriously I agree about the dog.

  2. I wonder if we also gave him hemorrhoids to return the favor of being such a pain over the years.

  3. The CIA couldn’t give give themselves cancer with active tumor samples and a turkey baster. They’re WAY to busy playing political paddy-cakes and misappropriating funds to actually grease anybody.

  4. Actually Sean is the agent that was used to give him the cancer. Don’t tell anybody that he’s been a CIA double agent for years.

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