Things I hate

I hate skinny pasty white guys that dress like and act like Hip Hop stars.  I hate guys that leave the stickers on their flat billed caps.  I hate guys that start every sentence with “Yo, check dis.”
You are not black. Even if you were, you live in Rural Utah.  Give it up, because you look like a jackass.

10 thoughts on “Things I hate”

  1. Wannabes. They try so hard to be “different” by acting like that.

    If they wanted to be true individuals, they would be smart enough to just act like themselves without putting on false airs. No baggy pants, no bling-bling, no cartoons or safety-wiring
    on their bodies, no white Ebonics.

    Maybe they’re afraid of just being themselves.

  2. What the heck;
    If the media can pick our country’s President why not our children’s personality.

  3. We have them in far western NC too and are as deep woods as it gets without being Alaska. I fell out laughing on a traffic stop when one of my fellow sergeants told one, “Shut yer hole, Vanilla Ice.”

    And what is up with the pastiness? I was laid up for 6 weeks after knee surgery and never get that pale. How do they do that?

  4. LMAO… 30 minutes ago I was in the car with the Wife explaining to her that I wanted to win the Lottery. Not so I could do great things with my money. But so I could hire a MMA fighter and I could just point him at people and he could run up; Bi##H Slap them and yell, “Your F-ing white, stop it!!!”.

    I also wanted to invent a “ray gun” that adds ten pounds per shot. It would be great for all those tiny white girls that think they’re hot. I just want to hold them down and force feed them a sandwich.

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