Two Tones

On WeTheArmed, I posted a picture and asked a simple question.  “Which one?”

The Top One, or the Bottom One?

In the thread, several guys liked the one on top, but overwhelmingly, people were digging the one on the bottom better. I like them both… At first I liked the top one as it has that classic “Custom” look that I dig… dark on top.  But the bottom one… it grew on me and I see why everyone liked it.  The lighter weight alloy frame, practical long wearing stainless… It’s certainly the smartest configuration.  It would be awesome… but I still like the top one… just for the looks of it.  See, growing up, all the custom guns (1911’s) were two tones, blued slides on stainless frames.   That’s just the look that’s stuck with me.

The question is, how to I get one like that?  Beretta doesn’t offer it and I don’t want to buy two.  I don’t know why I am jonesing for a 92… but I am.  Really, it’s the only 9mm, other than a Browning High Power that I want.  Er… those and a SIG P210… and a Colt Pocket Nine… and… and… and… I’m kind of an addict, aint I?

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  1. Taurus made a PT92 like the one on the bottom. Friend’s got one, pretty slick looking, but I don’t see it on their website anymore. Too bad, I tend to look for my range toys on a budget these days.

  2. I like them both. At first, the bottom one reminded me of the stainless slide Glocks. But, the more you look at it, the more you realize this is better because of the black, exposed barrel against the stainless slide. I would think this would be easy for a shop to sell. Buy one stainless and one blue, swap slides, and you’re good to go.

  3. If lots of folks like the other one, then find someone who wants it, and trade slides, so you both get what you want?

  4. One small concern I would have is the much harder SS slide riding on an allow frame. Even with proper lubrication, galling would worry me.

    1. My 92fs Inox has no issues. I bought it used from a competition shooter, who bought it from a competition shooter. With that high of a round count it is SMOOOOTH!

  5. What about Duracoating the slide a stainless? They have a stainless that we used for a similar project on a customer’s firearm. It looked just as good. And you won’t have to buy two Berettas, not that it should stop you of course.

    1. Coatings and Finishes, no matter how good, are not like Stainless. I don’t like a lot of Stainless. Now, I did have Gundoc Cerakote my 1911 Commander. Turned out awesome!

  6. Back when I first turned 21, my first pistol purchase was a black 92. Two pistols later, I specifically bought a stainless one JUST so I could do what you have done exactly in the picture above. I wanted a two-toned pair. I have since swapped them back and threaded the black barrel for my 9Osprey. My younger brother wants to buy my stainless one from me. I have it sitting on the floor in its case right now. A pox on you, Ogre, for showing me this pic and reminding me how much I like this! That stainless 92 is supposed to fund another pistol! LOL

  7. “I’m kind of an addict, aint I?”

    Yeah. So?

    “Hello. My name is George. And I’m a gun addict.”

    group: “Hello George.”

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