Tango Uniform Truck.

Many of you know my old Chevy truck. It’s a 2500 Scotsdale four by four, with an extended cab. It’s been all over with multiple trips to Vegas and has carted around four of those who contribute to Concealed Carry Magazine. It’s been a great truck and I am very fond of it. My wife is even more taken with it. She enjoys the strong engine and capacity to haul pretty much anything.
Unfortunately the old War Wagon is on it’s last legs and othe thing could go Tang Uniform at any time now. It’s now leaking oil from multiple locations, smoking, overheating, and running like total crap now. I’m not sure what the problem is… But it’s more than what I want to deal with right now.
I have the chance to buy a Toyota Forerunner… If my check from the publisher is what I hope it is. Then my Bride can have her baby blue Explorer back and I’ll have a rig to drive through winter. Driving the Chevy back and forth to work every day isn’t going to happen. Especially since it doesn’t have a heater anymore. I think if I get this Toyota, I’m going to do something with it…
Check certain engine parts, check mileage per gallon, try to measure just how good the rig is running. Then do a full Slipstream treatment on it. A long term test. See if Slipstream has solid benefits like what we think it has. The Chevy is just too beaten down to be a good test mule.

2 thoughts on “Tango Uniform Truck.”

  1. I can’t recommend the 4Runners highly enough. They’re well built, reliable, good driving (on and off road), surprisingly easy to work on for a modern vehicle, and get pretty decent mileage. They’ve also got a good aftermarket if that’s your thing.

    My wife has a ’99 limited and the way it’s going you’d swear it was brand new. I’m particularly fond of the way the transfer case works – push a button and you’re in AWD mode and can drive on dry pavement with no issue in that mode. Pull the lever and the center diff is locked for lower friction situations. Stop, push the lever over and up in, and you’re in 4 low. That plus the electric locker in the rear will let you go places you probably shouldn’t.

  2. I LOVE the 4Runner. I was very sad when I had to sell mine to get the wife (and infant) into something safer than the Corolla that she was tooling around in. I loved that vehicle .

    The slipstream experiment will be cool.

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