The Internet's Original Gun Critic

The Huffington Post

The Huff Post got bought out for 315 Million dollars?
Hey, AOL… You can buy for just 10 Million!


  1. Kristopher's Gravatar Kristopher

    Someone has too damned much money to burn, and no clue.

  2. David's Gravatar David

    Hope it was Rush!

  3. 02/08/2011    

    Don’t even joke about it, Ogre. As part of the buyout, Arianna Huffington now has control over the content of about a dozen of AOL’s other online properties. Do you really want her calling the shots for too?

    • 02/08/2011    

      Sorry dude. Someone gives me 10 million – I’m out of here.
      (Then I’d start a new Blog… The Very Freaking Happy Shiny Ogre)

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