The Broken World

My brother Zack has jumped into the world of Blogging. I’d like to welcome him to the Blog Roll. His Blog is called “The Broken World”. But he’s on the blog roll simply as Zachary Hill, there at the bottom of the roster.  Easy to find.  He’s going to be posting parts of his novels as well as his artwork. Zack is a prolific writer, so you’ll want to throw a bookmark on this one and check back often.

2 thoughts on “The Broken World”

  1. You need to come up with a ‘cool’ zombie-killer wardrobe, like your bro! Maybe
    something like . . . special forces meets steam-punk. You should at least carry a
    wakizashi, and wear a monacle, when when you’re teaching a tactical class.

    The new layout’s great. Maybe it will entice AOL to come across with some dough.
    Best wishes!!

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