Some guys shouldn’t have guns.

A friend of mine has a little brother who was is interested in shooting so he was brought along for enjoyment and learning… Little Brother is not so Little.  He’s pretty much a grown adult.  He just didn’t learn anything and almost killed someone because of it. This wasn’t an Accident.  This was his Negligence. Pure negligence and it almost killed my friend.

He was informed that he needed to get some formal and professional training.  He refused.  He doesn’t need it.

This was a couple years ago.   Recently the same thing happened.  Little Brother “Had an Accident” again… and again, almost killed someone.

An “Accident” is when a Child wets the bed.  When a gun goes off unintentionally, that’s a Negligent Discharge which is a result of Negligence.   So now we have a Strike Two.  We have a situation where once again Negligence – his negligence almost took a life.  But it wasn’t his fault, it was just an accident, and again he refuses to accept that he needs formal training.  When you almost kill people TWICE because of the same thing – this takes a step beyond negligence.  This is  Willful Disregard for the Safety and Lives of Others.  This makes one a Dangerous Jackass.  And to refuse to accept responsibility – I’m sorry… Your Done.  You should not have any firearms.  You are an ignorant and arrogant child that shouldn’t even be allowed to handle guns under Adult Supervision.  I’d even say that you shouldn’t even be allowed in a Training Class – unless you are fully accepting that YOU are the problem.  No – don’t blame the gun.  The gun didn’t Malf.  If you were squared away and followed the Gun Safety Rules – Malf or not – you wouldn’t have almost killed a guy – again.

Some people shouldn’t have guns.


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  1. I remember you writing a post regarding someone picking up an AK-47 sitting in the back of a pickup truck, and firing it thru the cab and out the windshield… while there was someone in the cab. Is this the same person?

  2. I was nearly taken out in the back seat of a 63 Impala By a malfunction of the safeties in a 10 gauge double barrel shotgun. The beauty of the program was that it wasn’t one person to screw up it took two working in unison. One friend telling the other to load the shotgun in the car, the complying.
    I had laying in the back napping on the way home from a duck hunting trip. When I sat up to see why we had stopped KaBlooey, ventilated car above the rear window.
    I had turned just enough to miss being a mess.

    1. Wow. I know a couple people that got shot that same way. One in the elbow, a guy I used to call a friend. The other was fatal. Very very fatal. Like, “Pulp Fiction” fatal.

  3. Just thinking out loud…. are you sure they were both accidents? Sociopaths make up about 4% of the population, and they just love to make people jump/react/flinch, because they just don’t care about anyone but themselves – the are incapable of making an emotional connection to other people.

    Other symptoms: Addictions – alcohol or drug abuse, Thrill-seeking behavior, lying, broken promises, passionate devotion to hobbies, only to drop them after they lose interest – no follow-through. Sometimes very charming, the are emotionally manipulative, and often appeal to your pity.

    The best way to deal with a sociopath is to cut all ties – avoid them. Don’t stay in touch, don’t return their calls, don’t exchange Christmas cards.

    See “The Sociopath next door” by Martha Stout

  4. I have an aunt who wanted to learn to shoot – home defense, etc. She’s a little unstable and the family nut but I decided that she would, eventually, convince someone to hand her a gun and wanted to make sure she received a little decent instruction.

    What a disaster… She put a round through the range table, put one in the ground between us, repeatedly swept the muzzle across me and people around us. I finally called it quits and explained as gently as possible that something like pepper spray might be her best bet……then told the story to the rest of the family in case she tried it again.

  5. Had a friend try to lower the hammer on a loaded 1911 and it slipped. BOOM, round goes into the wall about 10 feet to my left…a large distance until you think about what could have happened if he’d turned his wrist just an inch or so to the right… However, unlike your acquaintance, my friend profusely acknowledged it was his fault.

    I still think the best way to decock a 1911 is drop the mag, rack the slide to clear the chamber, VERIFY it’s empty, and THEN lower the hammer.

  6. Had a Sergeant Major over in Kuwait at the range, she took out her M9, inserted a magazine and immediately blew a hole in the desert 6 feet in front of her….

    Same range, had another troop during the qualification put their muzzle in the dirt while changing mags and then fired, kicking the weapon out of their hands….

    I saw the first one with my own eyes…had a good friend witness the second as a range safety, couldn’t get over to the troop before it happened…

  7. Grown adult insinuates you take responsibility for your own actions. Even if they’re stupid, careless, or dangerous. You own up, and you try hard to do better.

    I wouldn’t let your friend’s brother in my yard. Unarmed. That kind of willful stupidity, and you have to concentrate to remain that stupid, is too dangerous to associate with.

  8. Had an ATF agent pickup an evidence gun for a court case from my office. She decided she needed to “test” the gun and fired a round into the small clearing barrel on the desk IN MY OFFICE. Still think we should have sent her boss the $600 bill for a new one! But Sheriff said no.

  9. We had an armed security guard killed with his own weapon last week, or so. During a bank robbery.

    The bad guy managed to wrassle his weapon away, and Mr. Lionell Newell died.

    I caught a lot of flack over this because people ’round here know I am a big CHL guy. Hey, he was murdered by a lowlife, with his own gun, maybe he messed up somewhere after he presented. My hat is off to guys like that, you just never know when somebody is ready to take it away and bore holes in you. Carrying ain’t no guarantee you won’t get killed, but he tried to do the right thing.

    Too bad he didn’t drill holes through the scumbag perp. May he Rest In Peace.


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