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I just shot myself – The Musical

Watch this – and DON’T Laugh.  Keep a straight face and don’t even smile… You can’t do it.


This was brought to us at the WTA Gathering by Marshal Dodge. We laughed our asses off. Just hilarious. And it’s been stuck in our heads all weekend. Thanks Marshal.


  1. 07/31/2011    


    I smiled, a little. Sorry.

  2. Gerry's Gravatar Gerry

    That’s Three Stooges funny!

  3. 07/31/2011    

    Sorry, but I LOL’d…

  4. Southron Boy's Gravatar Southron Boy

    I’m a complete failure. I laughed. Loudly.

    • 07/31/2011    

      You are not the only one.

  5. toadold's Gravatar toadold

    I just checked my range bag to make sure the first aid kit was there.

  6. Joe (Gundoc)'s Gravatar Joe (Gundoc)

    I watched the original that he put up. He blames it on changing up his gear and plain stupidity. Then warns everyone that it’s just a matter of when you have an AD, not if….ok.

  7. John's Gravatar John

    Just posting this link here: to let the man himself tell what happened, so yeah, it aint a fucking joke, even if this dude is bit of an ass, imo.

    • 08/01/2011    

      Yeah, we’ve all seen the original video. But the musical is pretty freaking funny.

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