Rossi M92

Got it.

Let me tell you, guys.  I had a day from hell.  Today just flat out sucked every which way… So I had to change the karma.   Nothing works better than doing the New Gun Thing.  .44 Mag is more money than .357 Mag, but I can reload pretty affordably.  I like this gun.  I’m happy with it.  Hmm… the rest of the day sucked too… but every time some bullshit happened, I just thought, “I have a .44 Mag 92”, and that made me feel much better.

15 thoughts on “Rossi M92”

  1. You dirty, dirty dog. I don’t like the crescent buttplate, but otherwise they are a good ’92 clone. Of course I want one in .357, but .44 is just fine, too.

  2. My day wasn’t too great either, only sold one or two small items. But I spoke to a number of people who are very likely to come back and buy stuff in a few days. But I also had a good religious conversation with another one of sales reps, it may pan out to something meaningful, especially since I discovered that I have an extra Book of Mormon in my trunk.

  3. Karma’s a finicky thing, eh? Hopefully along these lines mine will improve shortly. I did give dad a Henry big boy in 44 mag just yesterday in fact. That should get me somewhere I hope.

    Looking forward to a range report on this rifle.

  4. I have had a .44 Ruger carbine and didn’t keep it, four rounds is just not enough for anything in my world. Got a pump action Timberwolf in .357 and it shoots .38 as well. Mubein.

  5. Well back in the day the lever action .44 mags with factory ammo would perform on par with the .45-70 factory loads we had back then. I imagine with hard cast lead bullets it could turn a lot barricade into “cover.” I just had a thought, does Hornady make their flex tip ammo or bullets for .44 mag? “Reach out, reach out and smack someone.”

  6. For a tactical carbine (not for hunting bears I am guessing), why a .44mag instead of the .357 though? Or is this a “the shop had it” thing? Nice little gun. I am not sure what is next for me the rossi in .357 or a lightweight AR for a house gun. I have long drooled over a 16″ .357 lever gun.

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