SIG did it to me again…

Damn it, Man.  I don’t need a new 1911 .45.  No, I don’t.  Why do I need another one?

Oh… That’s why…  And it retails for 960.  That’s under a Grand!  For that!  Checkering, two-tone finish in the proper lay out – dark on top, with tritium night sights and it has a proper GI type guide rod.  SIG has done it to me again…

10 thoughts on “SIG did it to me again…”

  1. You know, I don’t like forward slide serrations, but I would totally be okay with that SIG.

    Once SIG offers one in .40 I would probably trade my Colt + cash for one. Then I’ll ream it out to 10mm.

  2. Are the front serations a different depth then the back ones? Or are they just slightly a different angle? I agree totally that they would be fantastic if they did not have them. There is just something about them that is “Off”.

  3. George, of all people you should know that it’s almost never about “need”…it’s all about “want.” This is America for christsakes…

  4. I’m lovin’ them shorter safety levers. Not big gas pedals, and designed to accommodate a laser for the southpaw friendly versions.

    I do like the “P22X” slide weight line, but this one looks very good.

    1. No, it’s a 5 inch. Just not the normal Commander I normally blather on about.
      SIG unfortunately isn’t making this in a Commander. If this was a Lightweight Commander configuration – I’d be done.
      BTW, these are not even on SIG’s website.

      1. Ah, nevermind. The two-tone finish was playing tricks on my eyes, making the slide appear less tall, and therefore longer. When I imagine it all one color, it looks more “normal”.

  5. “If this was a Lightweight Commander configuration – I’d be done.”
    So would I, but this one do look purty too
    I have been saving up to finally have a
    “barbeque” 1911 crafted, this might make a good base for it!

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