Hero or Vigilante?

Interesting story coming out of Texas.  A concealed carry permit holder used his weapon to not just stop a crime but to apprehend the criminals.   The news story is here.

How would this have played out in other states?


Utah, AZ, AK, GA, WY, MT, ID… Probably would have gone over just as it did.
Other states – NY, CT, MD, VA, NC, IL, CA, OR, WA and many others… The story probably would have been taking a much different tone.

Had this situation come to a different ending before the police arrived, I’m sure the story would have been negative even though the person tried to do the right thing.     Or what if the Hero didn’t have a Permit – but had the gun in his car and was able to get it out and get into action.   Would that have changed the tenor of the report?  I be it would have.   Heaven forbid that someone other than a Permit Holder attempt to do what’s right.

Do what’s right.   Simple phrase.  But dire consequences here.  And things could have gone very pear shaped very quickly in this situation.   But this man did the right thing – because it turned out okay.  But what if he did the right thing and it didn’t turn out well?  If that had happened, the Hero would have been branded a Vigilante and the report would have been that he shouldn’t have intervened.

The Police were of course, as always in case like this – advising Citizens to NOT get involved and just get good descriptions.  “Observe and Report”… like most Security Guards.   Notice that the Security Cameras are not good enough to get Plates?  You can’t depend on Cameras.  Cameras don’t reduce crime.  If they did – this wouldn’t have happened, no?


Here’s the deal… We have far more GOOD GUYS than we have COPS.  Permit Holders, or GOOD GUYS With Guns that DON’T have Permits.   You see, if it was a First Aid situation, the person trying to help is covered under the Good Samaritan Law.   But for a guy like this, there is no Legal Coverage for attempting to stop a crime in progress.  So if you try and succeed – you are a good guy.  Try and Fail – You will become “Part of the Problem” and you will be the Bad Guy.

Should we extend the Good Samaritan Law to cover attempting stopping crime in progress?  Oh, the Liberal Mind will boil and explode on that question!   Many Gun Owner’s will too.    There will be more George Zimmermans out there… More Vigilantes… and some day someone might actually wear a costume while doing it!  Oh this will be great entertainment… Debating the validity of something Good Men have been doing ever since there have been Bad Men.

I think we should… Amend the laws to protect the Good Samaritans.  Just like a LEO is protected by law.   Just think of it… Instead of a few cops in a town  – you have thousands.   Just like in the old “Wild West”.  Here’s the thing about the Wild West…  NEVER has this country had a period of greater Peace and never had people been so removed from Government.    Oh we know all about the Shoot Outs that happened there because there were so few, each one was documented and talked about in detail.  Now days?  There are so many the Internet can’t even keep track.  Let’s bring back those days of Peace.

The Nock Gun

Also known as a Volley Gun.  There was one on display at the NRA Convention last weekend that has attracted much attention.

We’ve been seeing photos of this gun popping up all over the place.  It’s a cool gun.  It fires all seven barrels at the same time.  Like a shotgun, but more effective since each Ball was fired at much higher velocity than the shotguns of the time.  You can read some more about this gun here.

Many have said that these guns would be cumbersome.
That is not so.
The Nock Gun was fairly short.  And while not a light weight, was certainly not too heavy to be cumbersome.
The series of films “Sharpe’s Rifles” feature a Sargent that uses one to good and dramatic effect, dropping several foes in one grand blast.
You can watch the movies here… There are 14 films, Rifles is the fist.


Leonard Da Vinci.  Thomas Jefferson.  Benjamin Franklin.

Do you know why these men were so great?  Because they were not Pigeonholed into thinking that they could only do one type of job.    Yet the tradition of Corporate America is to Pigeonhole people and ID People by the Job they did before instead of everything that they are capable of.

I find this sad.

The Bikes I’m interested in, at this moment.

You guys have noticed I’ve been posting about cars and trucks and such a lot more lately.  Probably it’s because I love cars and trucks – always have.  My first words were – and I’m not kidding here – “Vooma-Vooma”.  Those might not be words according to Webster’s, but they were my first words.   I’ve avoided looking at bikes too closely because, well, it’s painful to me because 1, I don’t have one and 2, I can’t afford one.    But let’s go ahead and look at some Bikes.  Because I’m in the mood to do so and it’s well past time.   I’m looking at a relocation soon and first order of business once that is done, is acquiring a motorcycle, even if I have to sell my car to do it.    There are some specific machines I’m looking at… They are shown in No Order:


The KLR-650.  Like a Jeep Wrangler, I’ve always wanted one.  And like the Wrangler, when it finally came down to getting something – I always got something else…. And I’ve always kicked myself for passing on the chance.  But I’ve been on a new kick lately – I call it “Finally Getting What I’ve Always Wanted”.  Those things that I’ve always wanted… I’ve been getting them.  One of these days – I’ll get my Wrangler.  And In the Garage next to it will be a KLR-650.  Because.  I don’t know why I’ve always passed it up.  Maybe it’s because the WANT is better than the HAVE.  Or the fear of that being the case.  The newest version though addresses my two considerations that have caused me to pass it up.  1 is the KLR Doohicky and 2 is the seat.  That being said, the KLR is most likely going to be the bike I end up with next.    But we’ll see.


The STAR Bolt R Spec.  It remains in my mind as a bike I really want.  If I was to get a new bike – this is probably the bike that I should get, as it represents pretty much what I’ve been looking for… A simple runabout for pure cruising enjoyment.  Nothing fancy or special… Simple.  But satisfying… it scratches that “I need to take a ride” itch.  It has short legs… So not interstate travel… but around town on a nice day to run light errands and goof around… The Bolt-R is probably ideal.  That and I think it looks just awesome for what it is.   But I think really this would be a horse for the stable if I had other horses for more specific purposes of Sport and ADV.


This bike… The FZ-09… I was with friends when I first got my hands on this one.  It’s the new style of “Standard Bike”.  But Yamaha took Standard and gave it a mohawk.  This bike would bring out the Hooligan in me.  It feels like it’s as light as a Mountain Bike, yet has Big Bore Punch.  That’s a wicked combination.  I could ride it nice and sedately passed the cops, and then when I get out of sight – instantly Wheelie like a total squid.   I could probably get this one before the KLR or the Bolt-R, it’s that likable when I see it up close.  And if you throw a leg over it – You will want it.   This bike also makes way too much sense.  It’s like that friend of yours that is way too smart for his own good and comes up with Evil Genius plans that sound perfectly well reasoned and logical and then they get you in trouble.

KTM 1190 Adventure 2013 basic model

Because one day I want to ride across Continents and screw BMW.    This is my Hail Marry dream bike.  Load it up with some luggage and a backpack and go hunt Orc with this bike.  It’s name is Adventure.  No, seriously, it is… the KTM 1190 Adventure.  There are two versions… Adventure and the Adventure R.  And I don’t care about the differences.  Either one would make me the happiest man on Earth… and then I’d want to go around that Earth.  Or at least Coast To Coast following back roads and exploring what needs to be explored along the way.  KTM should sponsored The Long Way Around instead of letting BWM take the show.


This is the evolution of the concept that Yamaha’s FZ-09 was playing with.  KTM’s Super Duke.  If the FZ-09 was Dr. Bruce Banner, then the Super Duke is The Hulk.  It got big, gnarly and pissed off.  It’s a monster.  It’s brutal.  It’s a rage beast.  And that’s what I love about it.  This thing is all about aggression, making no apologies for it.   It’s the 2 wheel version of a Shelby 427 Cobra, but with less manners or concern for what is socially acceptable or politically correct.  This is a Dream Bike right here.   Should Hollywood buy the Uprising Saga and make movies out of them… I’ll have one of these bikes.  And I’ll take it to the California Super Bike School and have Keith Code teach me how to control this beast.


Keeping with the theme of taking a bike type and having a reasonable version and an dream version of it… This is the Dream Bike option for the Star Bolt R.    That Cruiser bike just for the sake of Cruising.  This is the Victory Vegas.  I looked at the 8-Ball version and love it… a lot… And then other versions.  There was one locally that was eyeballing before I left my job.  Had I not left that job – I probably would have got it.  The Vegas “FITS” me.  Head to Toe.  Or should I say Bars to Pegs?  This is America’s Other Motorcycle Maker… Victory pretty much has everything you would want in a Motorcycle like Harley, but done better.  Seriously – if you even THINK you might want a Harley – go to a Victory Dealership and take a good hard look.  The Victory is a step up.  It just is.


Okay, now this is a bike that is intriguing me.  If I could find one.  This is a US HIGHLAND “Viking”.  It’s a Liter Class V-Twin.  Very light weight, very compact.  It’s what I loved about my beloved Honda Superhawk… without what I didn’t like about the Superhawk.  (Side Mounted Radiators) This bike could replace the all the other bikes on my list save for the ADV machines. There is something about this… I really want to get to know US HIGHLAND better.  They put out a bike… Read the Review from 2011 here.  It doesn’t look like they are marking the Viking or the Enduro that they were also developing.  I hope they enter the US Market as a serious production Bike Maker and not just Engine Builders.