My next book’s Intro

As many of you know, I’m doing a series of books about getting into guns.  This is the intro to the first one:

You are taking your first steps into a new world.  Into “The Gun Culture”.  Hopefully with a little coaching here those steps will turn into a run.

First off, we’ve got to define what that Gun Culture really is.  Because the Mainstream Media will have you believe that the Gun Culture is full of banjo playing, illiterate racists.  This is not the case.   For the last (almost full) decade I’ve been selling guns at what is my favorite gun store in Utah.  I’ve sold some guns to people that, yes, could be called banjo playing illiterate racists.  But I’ve sold far more gun to people who can not be categorized and labeled so the Media can easily dismiss them.

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The best defensive handguns in the world

1.  Glock 23. .40 cal.
2.  Caracal C .40 cal.
3.  S&W M&P .40 Sub Compact.
4.  Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact .40 cal.
5.  Glock 19. 9mm.
6.  S&W M&P Sub Compact 9mm.
7.  Caracal C 9mm.
8.  Glock 29 10mm.
9.  Glock 30 .45 Auto.
10.  Springfield XDM 3.8 Compact 9mm.

This list is going raise a few eyebrows. There are many popular guns that are absent. But this isn’t my tipping the hat to the popular. If I was to do that, then this list would have SIG’s, 1911’s, H&K… You know… the guns that are out dated, with cult like followings, premium pricing, and shortcomings for defensive use.
I’m looking at the best options for today and tomorrow. Feel free to disagree.
You’ll notice that I favor .40 cal over 9mm. I also favor the midsized options.