Both the gun bills at the Utah State Capitol have been defeated.
Utah has decided not to back up its own Sheriffs. And even though the Constitutional Carry Bill flew threw the House and Senate, the Governor decided to Veto it. And its not looking like they are going to bother trying to override the veto, even though the bill had more than enough support.
I’m disappointed and saddened by Utah.
Utah does not know how to look ahead.  Utah can not see the possibilities of the future and prepare for it.  I’m at the point now with Utah, that I really could just leave it.  Not just for these issues, but for a great many others that I’ve not mentioned before here on this site.
If I had a good job offer some place else, I could probably just move out of this sad sack state.
Better yet, if the Uintah Basin could become its own State, that would be great.