SIG’s new 224, and something else.

At SHOT Show, I took a look at the new SIG 224.  And I’ll be honest.  I didn’t like it.


It’s standard SIG, the way we prefer our SIG’s.  Alloy frame, DA/SA with a Rebounding Hammer.  Add some night sights, and controls that were tweaked to still be used when made tiny… and you have a real SIG and not… well… not a P250.


After playing around with it… it’s grown on me.  A lot.  The gun is a serious Pinky Dangler, but thanks to the shape, texture, you can still get a solid hold on the pistol.

Which is good, because it’s a .40 cal.  I like that.  And I like the P224.

But it’s not the gun that I want.   I want something different.


This is my Holy SIG Grail.  A P220 Compact SAS.  If you guys want to chip in and by me a birthday present… this is it.  I’ve wanted one of these for 20 years, when I first read of guys spending big bucks chopping down standard P220’s.    And we have one now at the Gun Store I work at.  999.99.  Oh man… And there is nothing I can do about it thanks to the Bride’s new Expedition.

“Silencers, The NRA’s latest big lie”

I hate to ask you to do this… but read this.

Okay, before I go any further… Try to remember off the top of your head, the last time the NRA has ever talked about Suppressors.  Also, when was the last time – Outside of a Hollywood Movie – that a guy as used a legally obtained Suppressor in the commission of a crime?

In other countries, putting a muffler on your gun is considered polite. And encouraged. Even in the Enlightened country of England. But here in the US, a Gun Muffler is considered Sinister.
Suppressors do help save your hearing. I sell suppressors such as the SWC WARLOCK which reduces the shot over 40 Decibels. My best hearing protection that I sell, is only 33 decibels. It does not make the shot SILENT like you see in the movies. That is hollywood fabrication.
Also, Gun Mufflers are HEAVILY regulated. You can’t just “Go Buy One”. You can pay for the muffler, sure. But I can’t transfer it to you because it’s regulated just like a Machine Gun. You have to fill out an ATF Form 4, have 2 finger print cards done, your Sheriff or Police Chief has to sign off on it, an then you get to drop an additional 200 bucks on a tax stamp. Then you get to wait 6 Months for the ATF to process a detailed background check.
It’s faster and easier to buy a new house or start a new company than it is to get one of these sinister and obviously evil mufflers for your gun.
I call it a Muffler, because that’s exactly what it is. Just like on your Car or Truck or Scooter. We don’t Regulate mufflers on your vehicle, but as soon as you slip one over your gun’s barrel – Oh boy – you just committed a Felony unless you jumped through all the hoops.
Every shooter I know has hearing damage to some extent. Because guns are loud. Forgetting to wear muffs or plugs, just once, can cause permanent hearing damage.
You used to be able to buy a gun muffler at the hardware store for 5 bucks.
Saved your hearing. Didn’t disturb wildlife when hunting. Aids in recoil reduction and accuracy as well.
But after the end of Prohibition the ATF had to have something to do so the NFA 1935 was passed, which included mufflers… because of emotionally fragile people like this author who watched too many movies.