It seems that the cowardly folks at KSL.com have killed off their Firearms Sales sections of their classifieds.

This wasn’t in reaction to the shooting in CT.  They have thought about doing this for some times, even floating polls about doing it.  Now they have done it, using CT as an excuse to do what they have wanted to do.

I can sell a Hammer… or a Knife… hell, even a sword… on KSL.  But a gun?  Even as a Dealer, where all ATF rules apply… is not allowed.

I’m done with KSL.com.  Throwing all of us honest, law abiding gun owners under the bus… This is shameful.  KSL, you are pathetic.

Crazy Gun Sales

I’ve never seen gun-sales like today. It’s been busy since Black Friday, and really busy all week. But I’ve never seen it like today. We broke records. We completely sold out of all AR rifles. They are gone. Done.
We have more on order, but I don’t think we will ever have the AR stockpile like we had before… They are going to trickle in and be sold before they hit the shelves.
All of our 5.56mm/.223 ammo in 50 round packs or larger is all gone as well.
I still have .223 Remington in 20 round boxes… your Varmageddon, V-Max and Ballistic Silvertips, and that’s it.
I’ve never seen anything like this.

Edit:  To give you guys an idea of the volume I’m talking about… When it comes to inventory, Basin Sports is one of the biggest new gun dealers not just in the state of Utah, but in the western states.  We had one hell of an inventory of tactical rifles.  Yeah… they are all gone now.