Robin Hood

If there is one movie that has had more than it’s share of treatments, it’s Robin Hood.  More than Spiderman, Batman, and Superman… Robin Hood has been done to death.
We’ve had Russell Crow do an excruciatingly boring version, Kevin Costner do a fun version only because of the guy playing he Sheriff… you know who I’m talking about.  “Because its dull, you idiot, it’ll hurt more.”
But out of all of them, the best version remains Disney’s Animated Robin Hood. 
Here’s why… it connects with everyone.  Without dumbing it down.  See, I enjoyed it as a kid.  I watched it the other night with my youngest, and he loved it as much now as I did when I was a kid… and I still loved it.  Its the classic. The songs, tunes, the voice acting… top notch.
There will never be a better version.

Dear Remington.

Please make a few versions of the Model Seven in 6.5 Creedmore.   I see you can get them in .260, which is cool, but the 6.5 Creedmore (which does the same thing) is actually getting market traction where the .260 is pretty much a commercial flop.  IE – You clowns woudn’t even chamber your own R-25 Rifle in it!  Come on!  Well, the 6.5 is the commercial winner.
CDL and BDL versions would be great, and they need to be done.  But also a few more slightly different.
An SPS Varmint style stocked 16″ threaded Heavy Barrel for one.
A version of the Predator without camo, and with ATACS or Mulitcam.
A Synthetic Scout configuration with iron sights.

Offer these same variants in .308 as well.  Thank you.

I really like the little Model Sevens.  They just may be the sweetest bolt action rifles on the planet.  The problem that they have is that Remington really doesn’t know how to market them and most Gunners don’t even know what they are or consider them to be guns for Chicks and Kids.  This is unfortunate as the gun community is seriously overlooking what is potentially the best option for those looking a compact lightweight rifle.

I might be Geeking out a bit on the 6.5 Creedmore, but i’m thinking it just might be the best cartridge out there for serious use (Killing Things) in a Short Action.  And the Model Seven would be the ideal fit for it.


Congratulations to GunfighterCast for getting the nomination for a podcast award.  He is in the EDUCATION category.
Now he needs your votes.  You can vote once a day.  Do it.  Daniel Shaw is a great guy, great podcaster, and an outstanding US Marine.  Let’s give him our support.
Even if I did smoke his ass on pistols at the MAG-40.
Go to and vote the hell out of it.

We still have the M-4 Throwdown coming up. And I’ll whip his ass again… but still… Go give him some some votes!!