Hurricane Sandy

I feel very badly for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Mostly because they are stuck in Democrat controlled New York and are completely helpless. But thank GOD no one is chugging down a 32 ounce fountain drink of Death! I read that one New York City Official Person was unleashing harsh criticism of the Red Cross for not doing enough. Excuse me, but where was your Emergency Planning? Or was your whole plan to depend on the Volunteers of the Red Cross? Instead of bullshitting about the Beverage Sizes, how about you did some Prepping? If you have a STATE to take care of, or a Major City, you are the one responsible in case of a Disaster. You saw the Hurricane coming. You had warning. What did you do? Hurricanes happen every year. It never occurred to you that one could hit New York? You are on a Coast. The Red Cross does what it can…. around the world. You retards are only responsible for your area, and you have like 10 times the budget. Your finger pointing makes you look like even more an ass. You guys let New York down. Not the Red Cross. You.

Beers Harley Davidson

So I took my Like New, Awesome Running KTM in to Beers to get an oil leak sorted out. As they are also the local KTM, Honda, and Zuki dealers.
Estimate was 1.5 hours labor and a 5 dollar gasket.  So about 150 bucks.  No Big Deal. 
Two weeks later I get the call that the bike is ready.  $550 bucks.
You can’t argue with them – they have your machine and if you don’t pay up, they will put a Lean on it and just keep it.  So I sell my Glock model 20, 10mm pistol, and go get my bike.
Huh, I didn’t authorize all the other work, such as a timing chain.  Whatever.   Let’s ride.  So I jump on the machine and go. 
Huh… it’s kinda gutless.  Doesn’t have the spirit that it had before the work.  I’m heading home…. doing the posted speed limit, keeping an eye out for leaks.
The bike dies on me.  Coughs, sputters, and dies.  Wont restart.  Oh, and the best is that it also feels really wobbly in the rear end.  Like it’s going to throw me off kinda wobbly.  So that’s not cool either.  I thought it was fixed.  Not that there was a problem with the rear.
I’m 3 miles out from Ogre Ranch and no one is answering the phone… so I’m pushing.  3 miles.  On my bad knee.  Up 3 long hard hills.
Halloween night, the Trick is on me. 
Anyways, I called Beers this morning.  They are going to send a truck out to pick up my bike.  I intend to have them fix it.  At no additional charge of course.  They screwed up my bike, they are going to fix it.
So we shall see how Beers does a second time.  I have not had this problem with them before. 
I will let you guys know what happens. 

Oh, my leg was going better yesterday too. Off the cane and everything. Well, I’m back on it now. Knee freaking hurts like hell today. That’s what I get for pushing. But then again, I was angry enough, I needed the outlet.

Update: An attorney friend says I have an actionable case if I wanted to file a lawsuit. I told him no, I just want my bike fixed. However if it gets nasty, I’ll get at least a new Dyna Glide out of them. I don’t want to take anyone to court. I just want to ride Motorcycles. That’s all I care about here.